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Behind the Bell: AGNC Investment Corp


In this episode of Behind the Bell, AGNC President and CEO Peter Federico visited the Nasdaq MarketSite to ring the opening bell and share AGNC's shareholder-centric mission, as well as Nasdaq's role in their growth over the past 15 years.


The most critical thing is always put your shareholders’ interests first.

If you do that over the long run, success will follow.

AGNC at its core is a fixed income investment vehicle that invests primarily in agency mortgage-backed securities.

And our goal, our mission every day is to generate the best long-term returns

we can for our shareholders. AGNC has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last 15 years, in part because of the partnership we have with the Nasdaq and our Nasdaq listing.

Nasdaq is our interface to our shareholders.

And the most rewarding part of our job is to be able to generate really attractive returns, equity-like returns for our shareholders.

Nasdaq represents a partnership to us. We couldn't be where we are without access to the capital markets.

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