TradeTalks Media Guidance


  • Provide Jill Malandrino and team with talking points at least 24 to 48 hours before filming
  • Supply company and speaker's social media handles 

In Studio Interviews (Wednesdays/Thursdays): 

  • Provide names of all guests 24-48 hours before the scheduled interview
  • Arrive at the Nasdaq MarketSite studio (Located at 4 Times Square, 43rd and Broadway) 15 minutes before the interview start time
  • Ask for TradeTalks host at reception
  • Wear business attire, business casual or your company’s style preference

During Filming

The Basics

  • For interviews over Zoom, you can wear business casual or your company’s style preference
  • Aim for warm colors with neutral tones and avoid wearing all white since this will wash you out 
  • Lighting should come from the front of you or from the side
  • Keep your background clear of any distractions
  • Look at your webcam, not at the screen and use gestures and mannerisms that you would typically use in person
  • Use a headset/earphones/AirPods vs. the laptop speaker because an echo will occur when other guests speak
  • The interview will be streamed live to Twitter, YouTube and unless there is a special request to hold in timing for an announcement
  • If available, send b-roll (mp4, YouTube) and visual assets (jpg, png) in advance


  • Try not to read from a script since this will come across as unnatural 
  • Use bulleted talking points, if necessary, since this will allow for a more conversational, engaging flow
  • Even though talking points are addressed prior to the interview, be prepared for any logical follow-ups and/or to explain a concept to the audience since not everyone is familiar with industry jargon
  • Keep the interview to five to seven minutes max if it is a one-on-one, and aim to spend around 30 to 45 seconds per question 
  • The host will move you along if a response turns into a run-on
  • For charts/slides, PowerPoint is preferred and for b-roll, mp4 or YouTube is preferred 

Post Production

Where to find your content:

How to share your content:

On Twitter:

  • Quote tweet the original post to personalize it and add context
  • Be sure to tag @TradeTalks, @Nasdaq and @JillMalandrino
  • Use short, informative quotes from the video
  • Add any trending or relevant hashtags
  • Share your post while the content is timely

On LinkedIn:

  • Share the original post and add any necessary context
  • Spotlight informative quotes from the video catered to a professional audience 
  • Add any trending or relevant hashtags
  • Share your post while the content is timely 

Writing a native post:

  • Be sure to tag @TradeTalks, @Nasdaq and @JillMalandrino
  • Use short, informative quotes from the video
  • Share your content while it is timely

Other ways to share your content:

  • Embed the video on your website (be sure to link to the website as well)
  • Embed the YouTube video on your website
  • Embed the original @TradeTalks Twitter post on your website

Questions or concerns? Please email

TradeTalks FAQ

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You can find the full library of TradeTalks videos here:
Your interview can be found on:, TradeTalks Twitter feed and Nasdaq YouTube.
Please refer to our media guidance page for best practices:
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