Nasdaq Universal Test Facility

An Innovative Market Testing and Simulation Solution

Nasdaq Universal Test Facility is a cloud enabled, software as a service (SaaS) solution, offering simulated trading on a wide range of global electronic marketplaces. Access full-scale, high-performance replicas of exchange test systems, allowing you full control over test scenarios executed in isolation from the rest of the market.

Nasdaq Launches Nasdaq Universal Test Facility in Partnership with Sequitor - Learn More 

Nasdaq Universal Test Facility

Simplify Your Trading System Testing

Nasdaq Universal Test Facility has been developed in collaboration with Sequitor Engineering to further improve the efficiency, market readiness and resiliency of financial institutions’ trading systems. 

The service aims to simplify and improve trading system testing via advanced simulation techniques that are targeted to reduce the risk for production incidents and to cut the cost of testing.

How It Works

Nasdaq Universal Test Facility provides a private customer-dedicated environment with API control over test execution, including trading schedules and system restart, as well as access to event logs. It also offers a library of market simulations to create realistic and useful test scenarios; either historic trading days or generated simulations based on the analysis of billions of real exchange transactions.

Key Benefits

Optimization and real-world verification of your trading strategies and execution system

Reduced risk of costly complex implementation defects

Increased resilience to market and system disturbances

Increased test coverage

Higher productivity and quality

Shorter time to market

Feature Highlight
instances can be run concurrently.
Nasdaq Universal Test Facility 2
Capacity and Performance
- Starting a new instance takes seconds.
- Each instance can match a real exchange in terms of processing performance.
- Entire trading days can be completed in less than 15 minutes.
Feature Highlight
instances can be run concurrently.

Product Overview

Nasdaq Universal Test Facility offers:

  • Exclusive access to the test environment

    Other users cannot interact with your testing. This gives you confidentiality, predictable behavior, and repeatable testing.

  • Multi-market support

    The ability to run test scenarios across several simulated marketplaces.

  • Standard protocol for each exchange system

    Achieves realistic test conditions.

  • Test scenarios

    Pre-defined and tailor-made scenarios to provide a lower entry threshold, improved test productivity and increased test coverage.

  • Repeatable execution

    Repository of past configurations as well as past simulations facilitates re-running of simulations.

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