Tender Offers Repurchases

provide private companies and eligible shareholders access to liquidity

This Solution Helps

  • Private Companies
  • Founders
  • Law Firms

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) provides a technology-enabled approach to completing complex tender offers and company repurchases.

Tender Offer Functionality


NPM helps your company address shareholders' liquidity needs with greater administrative ease through our modern secondary technology, comprehensive regulatory framework, and ecosystem of institutional buyers. Our team supports program participants throughout the entire liquidity event, from onboarding through cash settlement.

Why Facilitate your Transaction with NPM?

Customized Platform Environment

NPM can help inform important decisions, such as determining how many shares to sell or who to allow in the sale. The parameters set are flexible in accordance with the companies' goals for their liquidity programs.

Easy-to-Use Technology

NPM's streamlined platform is protected with a password and can include a company's NDA, configured with program-specific parameters, and programmed so you can monitor activity necessary for completing an offer, such as document collection and signatures.

Industry-Leading Expertise

NPM has seen a large host of transaction types across our 275+ programs, which have bolstered and honed our experience on various cutback rules, eligibility and restrictions, and the most common ways to structure different transaction types.

Nasdaq Private Market Milestone
Third-party tender offers in 2018, as compared to 23 in 2017
abstract, architecture,
2019 Mid-Year Report
Read our 2019 mid-year report on the predominant trends and themes in the private company secondary market.
Nasdaq Private Market Milestone
Third-party tender offers in 2018, as compared to 23 in 2017


NPM's tender offer technology eases the operational burden on a private company and the purchasers, and streamlines the process of collecting participant interest and document signing. Tender offer programs remain open for a minimum of 20 business days.

  • 2 Weeks: Setup

    Our team works with the Company to understand its program needs, communicate details to shareholders and review the transaction platform prior to launch.

  • 4 Weeks: Launch & Live

    The NPM platform and designated account managers assist shareholders through the tender submission and e-signature process, while the Company can monitor the offering status through a live dashboard and view reports on transaction milestones.

  • 2 Weeks: Settlement

    Once the offer period ends and tenders can no longer be withdrawn, our technology platform will collect and allow company to review shareholder information and electronic signatures before NPM's Paying Agent facilitates closing and settlement.

Potential Benefits of Tender Offers & Repurchases

Clean up your cap table

Facilitate liquidity events with NPM to simplify your cap table and gain access to new investors who are aligned with your company’s goals.

Relieve internal liquidity pressures

Provide a path to liquidity for early-stage investors and longstanding employees who have remained committed to your vision.

Attract and retain employees

Gain a competitive advantage in retaining and recruiting new talent for your company by determining the message and recurrence of liquidity.

Platform Participants in 2018
as compared to 15K in 2017
Eric Folkemer on TDAmeritrade
Bringing Liquidity to Private Companies
Eric Folkemer, Head of Nasdaq Private Market, speaks to Nicole Petallides on TD Ameritrade Network’s “Morning Trade Live”.
Platform Participants in 2018
as compared to 15K in 2017

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