Nasdaq OneReport ESG Core

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ESG Core

Nasdaq OneReport ESG Core

With a focus on helping companies get started on ESG disclosure, Nasdaq OneReport Core provides a solid software foundation to begin disclosing key data, with the flexibility to expand over time.

Nasdaq has worked with other exchanges, stakeholders, and investors to create a short list of the most universal and useful ESG metrics. These are the KPIs that provide the greatest insight into the sustainability performance of the greatest number of companies.

Nasdaq OneReport ESG Core focuses on ESG data that is impactful, measurable, manageable, actionable, and reportable with tools to simplify the gathering, tracking, approving, managing and disclosing the data.




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Why Choose Nasdaq OneReport ESG Core

Simplifying the processes for gathering, tracking, approving, managing and disclosing of ESG Data.

  • Obtain Quicker Results

    - Fast, easy set-up
    - Built-in high impact disclosures
    - User friendly intuitive controls and data collection via simple input forms
    - Company controlled self-generated ESG disclosure

  • Achieve Strategic Outcomes

    - Drive long-term value and reduce enterprise risk
    - Build ESG foundation and improve ESG disclosure, governance, and performance
    - Increase control of investor and stakeholder
    - Create a central repository for ESG data

  • Streamline Data Management

    - Share the workload efficiently and effectively
    - Address multiple audiences and multiple needs from one platform
    - Leverage workflow tools to easily assign, input, track, approve and report ESG metrics
    - Set the stage for expanded data disclosure

  • Strengthen Relationships

    - Improve ESG governance (board/management)
    - Share commitments and sound business practices with key stakeholders
    - Optimize outcomes with key evaluators (MSCI, ISS, Sustainaltyics, etc.)
    - Generate financial value and attract long-term capital

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