Stockholm Listing Review

determines if an applicant meets the requirements of the Nasdaq Stockholm marketplace.

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In most listing processes, the issuer and, if relevant, the selling party, will work actively with several advisors, both legal and financial advisors, to prepare the company for its listing and, if relevant, the offering and distribution of shares. In the Nasdaq Stockholm listing process, the issuer will also interact with two parties that represent the exchange, the Exchange Auditor and the Listing Committee.

An Exchange Auditor will be appointed by the exchange for a particular listing process, at the time of application for listing. The Exchange Auditor is a very experienced auditor from one of the largest audit companies. The Exchange Auditor is contracted by the exchange to perform a specified review of whether the issuer fulfills the requirements in accordance with the exchange’s rules and whether it has undertaken sufficient preparations to be able to assume the responsibilities of a listed company. The review comprises the management and the board of the company, its financial and operational history, the quality of financial reporting as well as the resources and organization for preparing financial information and for disclosing both financial information and other regulatory information. The review also covers legal aspects, internal control and an overall assessment of how the prospectus document represents the issuer.

When the Exchange Auditor has completed its review, a report is submitted to the exchange. That report along with a draft prospectus is presented to the Listing Committee. The Listing Committee is a body to which the board of directors of Nasdaq Stockholm has delegated the right to decide upon whether to approve applications for listings on the regulated market. The committee consists of both Nasdaq representatives, including the CEO of the exchange, and independent members. The independent members represent the majority and one of the independent members shall be the Chairperson of the committee. 

The documentation upon which the Committee bases its decisions consists of the report from the Exchange Auditor and the company's prospectus. Listing Committee has seven members. Monica Caneman (Chairman), Eva HäggAnn Grevelius och Dick Lundqvist are independent members. Other members are Lauri RosendahlJimmy Kvarnström and Andreas Gustafsson.

The Listing Committee typically schedules one meeting per month but will also strive to be available for meetings on other dates. The issuer is notified of the decisions made by the committee, in writing, by staff within the Surveillance function, at 15:00 CET on the day following the relevant committee meeting.


  • January 17 
  • February 20 
  • March 14 
  • April 11 
  • May 7 
  • June 13
  • August 28
  • September 10
  • October 15 (decision notified 15:00 CET on October 16)
  • November 5 (decision notified 15:00 CET on November 6)
  • December 3 (decision notified 15:00 CET on December 4)


  • January 15 (decision notified 15:00 CET on January 16)
  • February 20 (decision notified 15:00 CET on February 21)
  • March 5 (decision notified 15:00 CET on March 6)
  • April 2 (decision notified 15:00 CET on April 3)
  • May 6 (decision notified 15:00 CET on May 7)
  • June 3 (decision notified 15:00 CET on June 4)
  • August 25 (decision notified 15:00 CET on August 26)
  • September 22 (decision notified 15:00 CET on September 23)
  • October 15 (decision notified 15:00 CET on October 16)
  • November 10 (decision notified 15:00 CET on November 11)
  • December 9 (decision notified 15:00 CET on December 10)


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