Nasdaq Renewables Index Wind Germany (DE)


The underlying index NAREX WIDE

NAREX WIDE – Nasdaq Renewable Index Wind Germany (DE) is a specific synthetic index that accurately calculates the German wind power production.

  • Bottom-up Index Model developed by StormGeo
  • Based on data of established and publically available weather forecasting model (ECMWF)
  • Uses individual power curve for every grid point in Germany for the calculation of the wind production
  • The index can be easily transferred to other countries or regions in Europe in the future
  • Parameters of this power curve are available to every market participant
    • The production index is designed to offer highest possible transparency to the market players
    • 35 years of synthetic history generated with reanalyzed weather data is available

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Nasdaq German Wind Index Futures

The Challenge

Electricity production out of renewable production sources is increasingly gaining importance in Germany. Current standard products do not meet requirements for hedging of renewable energy production.

The Future

Nasdaq German Wind Index Futures settling on the relative German wind power utilization.

Wind Futures



Conversion: 1% = 1€/wph (wind production hour)

Underlying Index: NAREX WIDE 

Trading hours: 8:00 – 18:00 CET 

Currency: EUR





Daily mark-to-market settlement

  • Against daily fix set at 16:00 CET 

Final settlement on expiry day 

  • Against NAREX WIDE index for that day (day contract) 
  • Against NAREX WIDE average index for the respective 
  • Contract period (week, month, quarter, year contracts)


  • Ideal for volume hedging for renewable and conventional producers 
  • Commitments from market makers, direct marketers, wind producers, conventional and nuclear producers, insurance and reinsurance companies 
  • Standardized products and solid rulebook 
  • Competitive fees 
  • Built-in clearing for all exchange transactions 
  • Full trading information transparency to build market confidence

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