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Manage your regulatory obligations and bolster your compliance efforts with our leading surveillance, compliance and supervision offerings


Nasdaq RegTech Solutions

Future-proof your firm against potential threats with our RegTech solutions. Nasdaq’s robust surveillance, compliance and supervision technology simplifies the monitoring process by distilling complex information into a single snapshot that provides clear guidance on where to focus an investigation.

Nasdaq is committed to maintaining a fair, transparent and safe global marketplace and ensuring that firms have the tools to do so as well.
Valerie Bannert-Thurner, Head of Sell-Side & Buy-side Technology, Nasdaq


Advanced data analysis tools enable you to unlock data for ad-hoc or regulatory queries, or leverage data for innovation and R&D efforts.

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Our Offerings

Nasdaq (SMARTS) Trade Surveillance

Effective cross-market, cross-asset, multi-venue surveillance technology to simplify the monitoring process

Key Features
  • Gain Transparency & Comply with Market Regulations
  • Reduce Operational Cost & Complexity
  • Future-Proof your Surveillance Program

Nasdaq Data Discovery for Surveillance

Nasdaq SMARTS Data Discovery enables firms to pull queries and reports across trading and alert data for deeper insights

Key Features
  • Choose Aggregation Level
  • Define Query Conditions
  • Customize Output

Nasdaq Trade Supervision

Real-time, cross-asset solution for front-office monitoring of trading activities which may represent disorderly markets

Key Features
  • Detection of disorderly trading patterns
  • Full asset class coverage
  • Rapid alert delivery

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