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Pan-European Earthquake model

Hazard, exposure and vulnerability models for earthquake risk assessment of 44 countries in Europe, based on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, software and data

The European Earthquake Risk Model has been developed by Risk Engineering and Development (RED), in partnership with Evaluación de Riesgos Naturales (ERN).

The project aims at the development of hazard, exposure and vulnerability models for earthquake risk assessment of 44 countries in Europe. Based on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, software and data, it tackles the generation of the components necessary to the probabilistic evaluation of the effects of earthquake-induced ground shaking on residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings in Europe at country and portfolio scales.

The new earthquake borderless risk model leverages the results and findings about hazard, vulnerability and exposure of the most recent European research projects about earthquake risk analysis and assessment and makes use of newly available open data sources about physical conformation of the territory, population distribution, building stock characteristics and geographic distribution.

Read more about the model on RED’s website.

About RED

Established in Pavia, Italy, in 2008, RED offers catastrophe-modelling services to the insurance and reinsurance industry. RED develops and operates catastrophe-loss estimation models that cover all major natural hazards, including earthquakes, floods, windstorms, drought, excess rain, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. In the last twelve years, RED has assisted public institutions and private companies in understanding and managing the risk induced by extreme events and in developing specific strategies for disaster risk reduction customized for the clients’ needs. RED has also been involved in many large-scale risk assessment projects in Europe, the Americas including the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific region.

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