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Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) provides a technology-enabled approach to completing complex tender offers and company repurchases. We recently partnered with Klaviyo on their first tender offer and the Klaviyo team stopped by the Nasdaq studio to talk about it. Watch the video:

Our 2019 Secondary Market Retrospective is now available. Read our press release announcement here.

Tender Offer Functionality


NPM helps your company address shareholders' liquidity needs with greater administrative ease through our modern secondary technology, comprehensive regulatory framework, and ecosystem of institutional buyers. Our team supports program participants throughout the entire liquidity event, from onboarding through cash settlement.

Benefits of Partnering with NPM

Customized Platform Environment

Our customizable platform is a single, end-to-end solution, enabling our clients to set parameters that are flexible in accordance with the company’s liquidity goals.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Our streamlined platform ensures confidentiality and can be configured with program-specific NDA parameters. Clients can monitor activity in real-time with easy access to documents and reports.

Industry-Leading Expertise

NPM has completed more than 350 programs since its inception in 2013, which have honed our experience on what clients need from a secondary program provider: knowledge of cutback rules, eligibility requirements and restrictions, and the most common ways to structure different transaction types.

Access to the NPM Buyer Network

Access our growing pool of institutional buyers carefully vetted and actively seeking secondary investment opportunities.

Greater Efficiency & Enhanced Execution

Our easy-to-use technology provides a simplified operational process, with a shorter timeframe from the start of a liquidity program through settlement.

Competitive Price Discovery

Leverage the NPM Buyer Network to drive competitive price discovery from a set of sophisticated purchasers.

Nasdaq Private Market Resource Library

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    2019 Secondary Market Retrospective Infographic Download 2019 Secondary Market Retrospective Infographic
  • Secondary Market 2019 Retrospective


    Secondary Market 2019 Retrospective

    Nasdaq Private Market explores unique factors driving the private market, highlighting data NPM has collected as a leading provider of company-sponsored private tender offers and share repurchase programs.

    Data is currently not available
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  • 2019 Mid-Year Private Company Report

    Thought Leadership

    2019 Mid-Year Private Company Report

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  • NPM 2018 Year-End Retrospective

    Thought Leadership

    NPM 2018 Year-End Retrospective

    Data is currently not available

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NPM's tender offer technology eases the operational burden on a private company and the purchasers, and streamlines the process of collecting participant interest and document signing. Tender offer programs remain open for a minimum of 20 business days.

  • 2 Weeks: Setup

    Our team works with the Company to understand its program needs, communicate details to shareholders and review the transaction platform prior to launch.

  • 4 Weeks: Launch & Live

    The NPM platform and designated account managers assist shareholders through the tender submission and e-signature process, while the Company can monitor the offering status through a live dashboard and view reports on transaction milestones.

  • 2 Weeks: Settlement

    Once the offer period ends and tenders can no longer be withdrawn, our technology platform will collect and allow company to review shareholder information and electronic signatures before NPM's Paying Agent facilitates closing and settlement.

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