Power Derivatives

Nasdaq Commodities offers trading and clearing of financial commodity derivatives contracts.


The power products traded at the commodities exchange, Nasdaq Oslo ASA, comprise of Nordic, German, Dutch, UK, Belgian, French, Italian and Spanish power derivatives. 

We offer base and peak load Futures, Monthly Average Rate Futures, Deferred Settlement Futures (DS Futures), Monthly DS Futures, Options and Electricity Price Area Differentials (EPADs). These contracts are used for trading and risk management purposes. There is no physical delivery of financial power contracts.

Why Trade Power With Us?

  • Europe’s largest clearing house for power derivatives 
  • One of the fastest and most functionally complete multi-asset trading systems in the world 
  • Cost efficiency and low latency 
  • Easy access through wide range of membership models 
  • Flexible membership structure ntegrated platform for all products 
  • Regulated exchange and clearinghouse 
  • Transparency Seamless operations 
  • Effective risk management 
  • Nasdaq Clearing removes counterparty credit risk 
  • Netting and margin offsets between all markets

Power Products

Futures: We offer trading and clearing of Base and Peak Load Futures Contracts with daily mark-to-market settlement in the trading period and a spot referenced settlement throughout the delivery period. Profits and losses are realized on a daily basis and cash settled.

DS Futures: We offer trading and clearing of DS Futures contracts. Mark-to-market value is accumulated during the trading period and realized in the delivery period.

Average Rate Future: We offer Average Rate Monthly Future contracts for Nordic and German Power that are tradable in the Spot Reference Period where they carry the full contract size. The Spot Reference Period represents a time interval similar to a Delivery Period. 

The contracts have daily mark to market settlement through the entire trading period which includes the Spot Reference Period. The Final Expiration Day Fix is calculated as the average of all the Spot Reference fixing prices in the Spot Reference Period.

Monthly DS Futures: We offer trading and clearing of Monthly DS Futures contracts enchancing the efficiency between physical and financial markets. With their unique settlement structure they provide the exact same cash flow as for the physical contracts. 

The Monthly DS Futures are designed as deferred settlement futures with monthly cash settlement where mark-to-market value is accumulated during the trading period and realized in the delivery period.

Options: We offer option contracts for Nordic and German Power. An option is a right to buy or sell an underlying contract (Future/DS Future or Average Rate Future) at a predetermined price at a predefined date in the future. Option contracts in combination with other Nasdaq Derivatives are valuable tools to manage risk and hedging strategies.

EPADs: We offer trading and clearing of Nordic and Baltic EPADs. EPADs are Futures, DS Futures and Average Rate Futures referencing the difference between an Area Price and an Index (E.g. Nordic System Price or PHELIX). EPADs allow members to hedge against the price risk caused by constraints in the transmission grid.


Nasdaq Clearing is the contractual counterparty in all contracts traded at Nasdaq Commodities' financial market. Clearing guarantees the financial settlement. The daily settlement is automatic, and members are connected to the settlement system through a variety of multinational settlement banks.

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