Private Company Liquidity

encompasses a suite of corporate solutions for private companies

This Solution Helps

  • Private Companies
  • Founders
  • Private Markets

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) facilitates option plan amendments/repricings, Restrictured Stock Unit (RSU) programs, and 701 disclosures.


Why Partner With Us

End-to-End Technology

Our technology-enabled liquidity solutions are designed to offer private companies a balanced approach to frequency and control, with customized agreements, transaction documents, and payment solutions.

Trusted Intermediary

As an experienced intermediary for over 250 private company transactions, NPM has the ability to carry out a variety of complex liquidity programs.

Employee Incentive Programs

NPM recognizes the importance of employee incentive programs for retaining and recruiting top talent at private companies in a growing and competitive space.

Restricted Stock Units
can be implemented by private companies as an equity incentive for employees
employees on escalator_stock image
An Overview of Restricted Stock Units for Private Companies
Learn more about Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), the advantages and disadvantages compared to options, and key considerations from NPM's past experience with RSUs in liquidity programs.
Restricted Stock Units
can be implemented by private companies as an equity incentive for employees

Our Solutions

NPM offers a suite of corporate services and communication tools designed to help private companies retain control while offering shareholders transparency and efficiency when fulfilling their liquidity needs.

  • Option Extensions

    Allow select shareholders to convert stock options to avoid expiration or allow repricing through a customized workflow.

  • RSU Liquidity

    Assist select shareholders to meet tax obligation payments through the sale of vested units.

  • 701 Disclosures

    Facilitate Rule 701 compliance with an online data room for distributing disclosure documents.

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