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Create a path to a better tomorrow for your board with Nasdaq corporate governance solutions.

Nasdaq Governance Solutions helps public, private, and non-profit organizations manage their corporate governance practices. Our award-winning board portal solution, Nasdaq Boardvantage®, is purpose-built with an intuitive interface and robust security features to meet the critical needs of boards, committees, and leadership teams. In addition, our global information and research hub, Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance, is designed to accelerate the understanding of corporate governance and sustainable business practices through expertise, insights, and technology.

Nasdaq Boardvantage® Board Portal

Board Portal Overview

Nasdaq Boardvantage is the next generation of board portal & leadership team collaboration software.

Key Features
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Board Member
  • IT & Information Security

Board Portal Features

A board portal solution with features tailor made for executives on the go.

Key Features
  • Improve Meeting Productivity
  • Drive Process on the Go
  • Work Without Wi-Fi

Board Portal Functions

Streamline meeting processes, collaborate, share notes and more.

Key Features
  • Streamline meeting processes
  • Disseminate sensitive information
  • Review and approve documents

Board Portal Information Security

Share executive information with added security and control.

Key Features
  • Security
  • Control
  • Authentication

Board Portal Pricing

Request pricing for Nasdaq Boardvantage board portal software.

Key Features
  • 59 Fortune 100 Clients
  • 3,800 Organizations
  • 81 Countries

Board Portal Contact Us

Contact us for service support for board members, users or administrators or for general interest in Boardvantage.

Board Meetings & Collaboration

What is a Board Portal & How to Choose One

How a board handles meetings, cyber-risk and communication is crucial. Why consider a board portal? Learn more here.

Key Features
  • Paperless Board Rooms
  • Improve Executive Visibility
  • Remote Access to Materials

Log In to Your Portal

Nasdaq Boardvantage® Login

Login to access your portal

Key Features
  • 59 Fortune 100 Clients
  • 3,800 Organizations
  • 78 Countries

Directors Desk Login

Log into Directors Desk to access your board portal.

Key Features
  • Log In
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Share & Track

Boardvantage MeetX/Director Login

Login to your board portal solution.

Key Features
  • Log In
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Share & Track

Governance Research & Expertise

Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance

Expertise, insights and technology for best practice corporate governance

Key Features
  • Expertise
  • Insights
  • Technology

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