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NFX approved Futures Participants are provided a permit to transact business on NFX. Clearing Futures Participants may offer direct-access relationships with customers, upon approval by NFX.

Block Trade

Block Trade Reporting can be done either through the use of an ISV, writing to the API or by using the NasdaQ-Port application. This is a web based tool that allows for the reporting of Block Trades on NFX. To obtain credentials please complete the NasdaQ-port Request Form.

The NasdaQ-Port application can be used for both Block Trade Reporting and administration of Block Broker.


Each firm should reflect on their individual requirements when reflecting on how to access NFX and if this will include proprietary software (as opposed to only independent software vendors (ISVs).

1. Decide Environment(s) 

Below are some of the on boarding requirements applicable to each catagory: ISV 


Make request and confirm with ISV that they will have readiness that corresponds with the launch timeline. 

Confirm that the ISV will provide the network connectivity to the NFX infrastructure. 

Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port. 

Proprietary software Requirements: 

Arrange for network connectivity to our market infrastructure. 

Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port. Participants will have to pass a 

Participant Entrance Test in our Test Environment before they will be certified to trade proprietary for execution software. 

2. Determine and communicate if your firm will be integrating to any of the following NFX APIs? 

- FIX Order Entry 

- FIX Drop (Drop Copy) 

- FIX Reference Data 

- ITCH Market Data (reference date and full orderbook information) 

- Auxiliary Market Data (AMD)(off exchange trades and settlement prices) 

If yes to any of the above? Then please: 

Register intent (of connecting to the NFX API) with your NFX onboarding contact. 

Obtain access to the test environment during December and prepare for connectivity to the production site (350 Cermak) 

Successfully complete conformance testing during February/March 2015 (trading software) 

Have successfully participated in Dress Rehearsals


To initiate NFX data, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq.

For the complete list of Nasdaq market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page. 

To order this data on a stand-alone terminal/controlled display product, end users or end-user firms should contact their market data vendor for the appropriate agreements and forms. 

For additional questions, please contact your Global Data Products Account Representative or Nasdaq Global Data Sales at +1 301 978 5307 (Option #1) or +45 33 93 33 66.


Data Feed Request Form (Required for all firms) >

Nasdaq Global Data Agreement (Required for all firms prior to initiation of the first Nasdaq data service only) >

System Application (Required for firms only if the data will be displayed or used in a system that is not yet approved by Nasdaq.) >


Listed below are the Off-Exchange Reporting Brokers:

Firm / MPID

ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLCA / BNX

ADM Investor Services, Inc / ADM1

Advantage Futures LLC / ADVX

Amerex Broker, LLC / AMXB

Applegate Commodities LLC / APPL

Arrow Futures (UK) Limited / ARROW

ATF Commodities LLC / ATF

Atlas Commodities LLC / ACM

Axiom Derivatives, LLC / AXD

BGC Brokers LP / BGC1

BGC Financial, L.P. / BGC

Bluefin Energy, LLC / BLU

Bosworth Brokers, LLC / BOB

Braemar Atlantic Securities Limited / BAS

BBL Brokers, LLC / BBL

BRS Futures Ltd / BRS

BTU Brokers, Inc. / BTU

CGS Brokerage LLC / CGS

Citigroup Global Markets Inc. / CITIX

Citron Commodities LLC / CITR

Clarksons Platou Futures Limited / CPFL

Classic Energy, LLC / CLSE

Continental Energy Group LLC / CEG

Cornerstone Futures LLC / COF

Coquest Incorporated / COQ

Cornerstone Global Commodities LLC / CGC

Creditex Securities Corporation / CRE

Crunch Risk LLC / CRL

CRW Energy Corp / CRW

Direct Energy Business Markets / DIREC

Drexel Hamilton, LLC / DHD1X

Donnelly Partners, LLC / DPL

Dorado Energy Services LLC / DES

DQL Energy Limited / DQL

E D & F Man Capital Markets Inc. / EDFX

E P Derivatives LLC / EPD

Eagle Energy Brokers LLC / EEB

Eclipse International Inc. / ECLP

Empire Energy Group,LLC / EMP

EOX Holdings LLC / EOX

Evolution Markets Futures LLC / EVO

Evolution Markets Limited / EVO1

Fort Pitt Energy, LLC / FPE

Freight Investor Services Limited / FIS

FuelX Energy, LLC / FEX

GA Global Markets LLC / GAGM

GFI Brokers Ltd. / GFI1

GFI Securities LLC / GFI

GFI Securities LTD / GFIS

Goldman, Sachs & Co. / GSTTX

Hacienda LPG Brokerage, Inc. / HAC

HMX Futures LLC / HMX

ICAP Corporates LLC / ICAP2

ICAP Energy LimitedI / CAP1


Ignite Energy LLC / IGN

INTL FCStone Financial Inc. / FCSX


INTL FCStone Pte Ltd. / PTEEB

IVG Energy Ltd. / IVG

JP Morgan Securities LLC / JPMX

Karbone Futures LLC / KARB

LCM Commodities, LLC / LCMC

Link Futures LLC / LNK

Liquidity Energy LLC / LQE

Liquidity Partners LP / LPL

LPS Futures LLC / LPS

Magus LLC / MAGU

Magus Energy Ltd. / MAGS

Marex Spectron International Ltd. / MARX

MB Energy LLC / MBE

McNamara Options LLC / MCOP

Meridian Energy Brokers Inc. / MEB

Bofa Securities LLC / MLPX

Mizuho Securities USA LLC / MZCUX

MOAB Oil, Inc / MOAB

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC / MORX

Newgate Global Markets LLC / NEW

NFX Facilitation Desk / NFXX

Nuevo Partners LPNUV

Oil Brokerage LimitedOBL

Ocean Solutions LLCOCEAN

One Exchange Futures Corp. / ONEX


Ouray Energy Mgmt, LLC / OEM

Paragon Global Markets, LLC / PGM

Paramount Options Inc./ PARA

PFL Futures Limited / PFL

Phillip Capital Inc / PCIX

PVM Futures Inc. / PVM2

PVM Oil Associates Ltd. / PVM1

PVM Oil Futures Ltd. / PVM

RBC Capital Markets LLC / RBCCX

Reva Energy LLC / REVA

R.J. O'Brien & Associates, LLC / RJNRG

R.J. O'Brien & Associates, LLC / RJOA

Sage Refined Products Ltd. / SAGE

SCB Derivatives LLC / SCB

SCS Commodities Corp. / SCS

SG Americas Securities LLC / SGAX

Sigma Broking / SIGMA

SSY Futures Ltd. / SSY

Starfuels, Inc / SFUEL

Straits Financial Services Pte Ltd / SPS

SV Group LLC / SVG

Sweet Futures 1 LLC / SWEET

TCT Futures LLC  / TCF

TFS Derivatives LTD. / TFD

TFS Energy Futures, LLC / TFS

Thurlestone Financial Limited / TFIN

TJM Institutional Services, LLC / TJM

Tradition Singapore Pte. Ltd. / TRSI

Trident Brokerage Services LLC / TBS

Tullett Prebon (Europe) Limited / PREB1

Tullett Prebon Americas Corp. / PREB

Ulysses Commodities LLC / UCL

Venture Commodities Partners LLP / VEN

Volfocus Brokerage LLC / VOL

Wedbush Securities inc / WBFUX


Below is a list of FCM's

Firm Name

ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC

ADM Investor Services, Inc

Advantage Futures LLC

BNP Paribas Securities Corp.

Bofa Securities LLC

Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

E D & F Man Capital Markets Inc.

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

JP Morgan Securities LLC

Mizuho Securities USA LLC

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC

Phillip Capital Inc

RBC Capital Markets LLC

R.J. O'Brien & Associates

SG Americas Securities LLC

Straits Financial LLC

Wedbush Securities inc

Wells Fargo Securities LLC

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