Nasdaq Tickscore Database & Bet Acceptance Engine

For sports betting operators, technology & data suppliers

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Nasdaq's solutions for sports betting operators, technology, and data suppliers, are built to increase efficiencies and allow consumers to easily store and recover all bet data. 

Nasdaq Tickscore Database

Nasdaq’s unique tickstore database architecture allows operators to easily store and recover all bet data, including size and reason for rejected bet intercepts. Even if a new price or stake was offered, the initial customer request is collected. 

Built for forensic financial crime analysis, the database structure allows operators the ability to instantly and exactly rebuild the snapshot of an order book in order to replay bet-by-bet.  This can be achieved for any point in time with data stored for >20 years in exact detail.

Nasdaq Bet Acceptance Engine

Nasdaq’s Bet Acceptance Engine is a cloud-optimized trading service that offers rich functionality for supporting sports & gaming trading models in a 24x7x365 environment. Available as an on-premise local server install or as a SaaS cloud product, Nasdaq’s Bet Acceptance Engine can be used for fixed odds sports betting, incorporating all the features required for heavy-load frontline bet acceptance.

Being able to process this load in real time with ease, opens up the ability to make use of forthcoming Nasdaq betting products, enabling:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time automated profiling using Nasdaq advanced pattern recognition AI, which is also used for financial crime analysis
  • Real-time liability views (including advanced visiualizations, charts and analytical tools as well as calculations: VAR, what-if scenarios, and more.)

The Bet Acceptance Engine operates on Nasdaq’s mission-critical technology, directly integrating data and analytics, reporting, market surveillance and DLT at a low cost within a single solution. Our experienced and proven technology ensures your market is running, even on peak event days and throughout large sporting events.

How can Nasdaq help operators, data & technology suppliers?

Ability to process loads in real-time

Which opens up the ability to make use of forthcoming Nasdaq betting products, enabling real-time reporting, automated profiling and liability views.

Scalability for all organizations

Flexible to fit your platform, so you can focus on innovating other areas and enhancing your customer experience, letting us take care of the heavy-lifting from a technology perspective.

Peace Of Mind

Technology can withstand large transactions on peak event days, confident that the engine will not fail.

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Football Index
We're very proud and excited to work with them to provide our order matching service, which is the powerhouse of any exchange.
Adam Cole , CEO, Football Index
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