Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes

An independent multi-vendor catastrophe risk modelling service

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Bringing choice to the insurance industry

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes, previously known as ModEx, is the first independent multi-vendor catastrophe (cat) risk modelling platform for the re/insurance industry. Powered by the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework and delivered as a service, it offers a new and cost-effective way for firms to meet their modelling requirements. 

The Nasdaq Risk Modelling service creates an ecosystem where model vendors can make their models, hazard data and analytics available to the industry via a single platform. We work with vendors from all over the world to improve the quality and choice of models and services available in the market. 

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Nasdaq Risk Modelling Clients

1.Book a demo

The first step to start using Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes is booking a demo where we go through the model execution capabilities and ecosystem. During the session we also discuss your requirements.

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2.Evaluate the service

After that, you can trial selected models for free to gain hands-on experience. Evaluations do not require any hardware or software installation.

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When you are ready to go live, we switch you over to the production environment. Gain all the benefits of access to the full ecosystem within weeks.

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    Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes provides re/insurance firms with the ability to deploy models quickly and securely.

    • Cost-effective

      Delivers economies of scale to reduce costs and optimize resources. These efficiencies enable customers to free up capital and re-think their cat risk modelling budget allocation.

    • Improving Choice

      Makes any models in the Oasis LMF format easily and securely accessible, reducing vendor tie-in.

    • Scalable

      Leverages the performance and scalability benefits offered by cloud-based systems, customers can get the resources they need on demand, during busy periods and renewals season.

    • End-to-end support

      Provides a single point of contact for all queries, ranging from the technology to the models themselves.

    • Encouraging model development

      The platform creates a marketplace where vendors can easily make their models available to consumers, encouraging the development of new and improved cat risk models globally.


    Resource Center

    • Plugging the gaps: How well do you understand your flood exposure?


      Plugging the gaps: How well do you understand your flood exposure?

      InsTech London and Nasdaq brought together some of the industry’s leading cat model developers to discuss different approaches to producing flood models and what the future of flood modelling holds. This report gives you highlights from the discussion.

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    • Whitepaper: The Catastrophe Risk Modelling Market - From Laggards to Leaders


      Whitepaper: The Catastrophe Risk Modelling Market - From Laggards to Leaders

      The cat risk modelling market is largely dominated by a couple of vendors which has resulted in the re/insurance industry having a limited view of risk. This paper looks at barriers to adopting new risk models, and how to tackle them.

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    • Factsheet Download Factsheet

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