Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes

An independent multi-vendor catastrophe risk modelling service

This Solution Helps

  • Insurance Companies
  • Reinsurance Companies
  • Brokers

Bringing Choice to the Insurance Industry

Increasing losses caused by natural catastrophes, impact from climate change and regulatory mandates pressure businesses globally to better quantify exposure and improve resilience to catastrophe risk. The need for efficient solutions to manage risk, explore new opportunities and comply with regulatory requirements has never been higher. 

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that opens access to a vivid cat risk modelling ecosystem for re/insurance firms, brokers and financial institutions. With a wide range of cat risk models across geographies at their hands, for events including flood, earthquake, hurricane, windstorm, bushfire and more, exposure teams can quickly evaluate and apply the models that support their needs.

Powered by the Oasis Loss Modelling framework (LMF), all models provided on the Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes service follow industry standards, promoting model innovation and efficient deployment. 

Onboarding in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Book a demo: The first step to start using the service is booking a demo where we go through the model execution capabilities, the ecosystem, and discuss your requirements.
  2. Evaluate the service: After that, you can trial selected models to gain hands-on experience. Evaluations do not require any hardware or software installation.
  3. Go live with access to the full ecosystem: When you are ready to go live, we switch you over to the production environment.

Key Benefits

Operate Cost Efficiently

Access the models you need when you need them, with usage-based pricing you can pivot quickly as the business demands change while maintaining low fixed costs

Access the Widest Choice in Cat Modelling Globally

With more than 300 cat risk country perils available through a single service, our clients have more choice than with any other system on the market to help them lower risk of losses, price services accurately and quickly assess new opportunities

Fill Modelling Gaps

Nasdaq Risk Modelling delivers the first globally consistent flood model, covering every country where you have exposure

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Tying yourself to one proprietary vendor system stifles innovation and the ability to bring in other views of risk, our independent service provide access to models from multiple vendors, developed according to the industry standard Oasis LMF

Future-proof Your Investment

New models are continuously added to the service, for new territories and perils, and once a model is deployed, it’s ready for you to use

Focus on Your Core Business

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes is delivered as a service available 24/7, requires no client-side installations, and is backed by elastic data power in the cloud supporting any portfolio size and modelling frequency

Learn More About Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes

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    • Plugging the gaps: How well do you understand your flood exposure?


      Plugging the gaps: How well do you understand your flood exposure?

      InsTech London and Nasdaq brought together some of the industry’s leading cat model developers to discuss different approaches to producing flood models and what the future of flood modelling holds. This report gives you highlights from the discussion.

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    • Whitepaper: The Catastrophe Risk Modelling Market - From Laggards to Leaders


      Whitepaper: The Catastrophe Risk Modelling Market - From Laggards to Leaders

      The cat risk modelling market is largely dominated by a couple of vendors which has resulted in the re/insurance industry having a limited view of risk. This paper looks at barriers to adopting new risk models, and how to tackle them.

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