Nasdaq Hong Kong POP

Access the full US Equity marketplace via a local data center in Asia, powered by the largest liquidity pool in the US


Nasdaq now makes market data for the full range of U.S. equities and Nasdaq index data available from datacenters in Hong Kong to firms operating in Asia. The Nasdaq Point of Presence in Hong Kong (HK POP) is designed for firms who want to power market data, trading applications and financial media portals throughout Asia with real-time U.S. equity and index/ETF data—all from a local environment that is competitively priced, resilient, and secure.

  • Nasdaq Basic is the leading exchange-provided alternative for U.S. topline trade information, providing quotes and trades for all listed U.S. securities (irrespective of exchange) at a fraction of the cost of alternatives
  • Nasdaq Last Sale provides real-time intraday last sale data for all Nasdaq-, NYSE, BATS-, and other U.S. regional exchange-listed securities. This data provides high levels of accuracy, liquidity, coverage, and accessibility—and switching from a current provider is a simple and streamlined process
  • Nasdaq Global Index Data Service is a premier real-time data feed that consolidates all Nasdaq indexes and ETF valuation data as well as third-party partner data
  • Nasdaq TotalView depth data provides investors with a more detailed understanding of how orders are distributed throughout the market, while allowing identification of new and unique trading opportunities

Join the millions of investors on the world’s preeminent financial portals by providing customers with best in class U.S. equity and index data feeds from a truly local environment.


Key Benefits


• Largest daily share of the U.S. markets
• All quotes and orders at every price level in Nasdaq, NYSE-, MKT- and regional-listed securities markets
• Includes consolidated volume from all market venues
• Nasdaq Basic U.S. – Best Bid and Offer
• Nasdaq Last Sale Plus – Comprehensive, affordable real-time data feed
• Nasdaq Global Index Data Service – Real-time data feed for Nasdaq Global Indexes
• Nasdaq TotalView – Depth Data, featuring Net Order Imbalance Information (NOII)


• Access Nasdaq data from a local environment
• High grades of accuracy and coverage with easy accessibility
• Access more liquidity, view all displayed quotes and orders attributed to specific market participants
• Secure and resilient environment
• Single data partner covering the full range of listed U.S. equities, irrespective of exchange
• Diverse data offerings address a wide array of client needs
• Nasdaq Global Index Data covers international securities from all major global financial markets
• NOII offers trading insight with the likely opening and closing prices of each security


• HK1 Equinix
• Mega-i
• HKeX 1
• HKT SkyExchange TKOIAC

Local access to US market data
Hundsun Technologies
Nasdaq data brings with it a reputation for high quality, and its products help us provide our clients with an unmatched understanding of the US market and the investment opportunities there.
Hundson Technologies, Lu jianfan
Case Study
Hundsun Technologies partners with Nasdaq to make US equity markets more accessible to Chinese investors.
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Nasdaq POP

More Features

  • Low Latency, Resilient Network Technology

    The Nasdaq POP affords a Distributor the flexibility to support multiple use cases that require real-time quotes and trades, last sale data, complete Level 1 coverage or depth data for the full range of U.S. exchange-listed equities. The high speed optical backbone delivers paths that are particularly effective in low-latency applications and market data delivery.

  • Access

    Access to Nasdaq services requires establishing a connection from your data center to at least one of the local Nasdaq POPs, or a cross-connect to Nasdaq if you are co-located within any of the POP data centers.
    Redundancy can be achieved with two diverse connections within each POP data center or by establishing connections to diverse POP data centers.

  • Availability

    Nasdaq POP is available in four Hong Kong data centers: HK1 Equinix, Mega-i, HKeX and HKT TKO. One single connection to a Nasdaq POP provides you with the opportunity to access U.S. data feeds from Nasdaq.

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