Nasdaq Fixed Income

From listing to trading to clearing, Nasdaq Fixed Income markets provide global solutions

U.S Fixed Income

Nasdaq Bond Exchange

Enables issuers to meet their listing needs for non-convertible bonds

Key Features
  • Reach more investors
  • Stamp of quality
  • Efficient listing process

Nordic Fixed Income

Nordic Fixed Income Trading

Transparent and efficient trading of debt instruments.

Fixed Income Membership

Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership on Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income markets.

Reference Rates & Statistics - Nordic Fixed Income

Current Nordic reference rates, fixings & statistics for bond trading.

Fixed Income Derivatives Clearing

Central Counterparty Clearing of short-term and long-term interest rate derivatives as well as a repo clearing service.

Clearing of OTC Rate Derivatives

CCP clearing of OTC derivatives for reduced counterparty risk and compression & netting opportunities.

Key Features
  • Reduced Counterparty Risk
  • Lower Regulatory Capital Costs
  • Netting Opportunities

Baltic Fixed Income

Baltic Fixed Income

Regional Index and Listing Solutions for the Baltic Fixed Income Market

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