Nasdaq Fixed Income

From listing to trading to clearing, Nasdaq Fixed Income markets provide global solutions

U.S Fixed Income

U.S. Fixed Income

Real-Time, Institutional Trading of Benchmark U.S. Treasuries Securities

Nasdaq Bond Exchange

Enables issuers to meet their listing needs for non-convertible bonds

Key Features
  • Reach more investors
  • Stamp of quality
  • Efficient listing process

Nordic Fixed Income

Nordic Fixed Income Trading

Transparent and efficient trading of debt instruments.

Fixed Income Membership

Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership on Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income markets.

Reference Rates & Statistics - Nordic Fixed Income

Current Nordic reference rates, fixings & statistics for bond trading.

Fixed Income Derivatives Clearing

Central Counterparty Clearing of short-term and long-term interest rate derivatives as well as a repo clearing service.

Clearing of OTC Rate Derivatives

CCP clearing of OTC derivatives for reduced counterparty risk and compression & netting opportunities.

Key Features
  • Reduced Counterparty Risk
  • Lower Regulatory Capital Costs
  • Netting Opportunities

Baltic Fixed Income

Baltic Fixed Income

Regional Index and Listing Solutions for the Baltic Fixed Income Market

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