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Actions Canadiennes

Nasdaq Canada offers three trading books for trading TSX, TSX-Venture and CSE listed securities CXC, CX2, and CXD.

CXC and CX2 are lit books offering Members the benefits of order attribution and price/broker/time execution priority. CXD is a dark book offering Members opportunities for price improvement and reduced information leakage.

CXD offers post trade attribution and price/broker/time execution priority. Each book operates independently of one another supporting its own market data feed. Order entry instructions for each book use the Financial Information Exchange protocol (FIX).

Ordres Avances

For a list of Advanced Order types and their definitions, click the learn more button below:

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Routage Intelligent

Fully customize your orders with Smart Routing!

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List of risk management controls and their definitions, click learn more below:

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Fonction Dexecution Garantie

The Nasdaq Canada CX2 Guaranteed Execution Facility enables Nasdaq Canada Members to receive guaranteed auto-executions of at least the size of the Guaranteed Minimum Volume (GMV) for the residual portion of GEF Eligible Orders. 

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