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    Nasdaq is dedicated to answering all your questions about our Marketplace Services Platform. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the platform.

    Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

    Nasdaq provides technology to more than 130 of the world’s market infrastructure organizations including exchanges, clearinghouses, central securities depositories and regulators, in over 50 countries.

    Currently, 130+ marketplaces around the world leverage Nasdaq’s technology. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology can support multiple types of marketplaces including traditional capital markets operators, as well as new marketplaces such as cryptocurrency, real estate, carbon credits and more.

    Cryptocurrency & digital assets, carbon credits, spot commodities, commercial real estate, luxury goods, and more. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology is reliable and scalable, allowing you to grow and expand with the addition of new asset types as needed. 

    Nasdaq’s Market Technology unit provides technology and services that drive transparency, efficiency, and integrity in capital markets and beyond. The suite of offerings includes trading, index, risk, post-trade, and anti-financial crime technology solutions for financial institutions, established exchanges and new types of marketplaces, clearinghouses, central securities depositories, as well as re/insurance firms. 

    The Marketplace Services Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and deployed in the cloud.

    Managed Services and SaaS (Software as a Service) are both service models where a vendor operates a software application for its client(s). The SaaS model is applied to out-of-the-box solutions that are used by clients without software customizations. SaaS solutions are deployed in the cloud and clients receive recurring upgrades as part of the service. Managed Services means that a vendor manages deployment, hosting, and operation of a software solution for its client. In this model, the solution can be customized, and deployed either in the cloud or on premise.   

    Users (members of the marketplace) connect their OEMS systems (order execution management systems) primarily over the FIX protocol (a global standard for the financial markets) and ITCH Protocol (for market data). In addition, users may prefer to connect directly to the Trader User Interface (UI) for entering orders and monitoring market data and trades.

    You can learn more about our Marketplace Services Platform on our solutions page which highlights the service’s facilitation of frictionless exchange of assets, services and information across market ecosystems. 

    In short, yes. The Marketplace Services Platform allows capital markets to benefit from the numerous advantages of our durable, yet swift, cloud-based platform. Namely, the Marketplace Services Platform helps those involved in capital markets to scale simply and as needed, speed time to market, and save on costs of experimentation.


    The Marketplace Services Platform’s trading service provides cryptocurrency markets with a fully managed and functionality-rich trading solution. Our white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is robust and scalable, shortening time-to-market and inspiring confidence that your exchange can support high volume trading. Our robust surveillance technology also helps detect and investigate potential financial crime, fostering trust and stability in cryptocurrency markets, which can be potentially volatile and are often unregulated.

    The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform offers cryptocurrency exchange operators trading and surveillance services to support high volume trading while protecting the market from manipulation with comprehensive market surveillance capabilities. 

    Nasdaq’s SaaS-based Marketplace Services Platform offers trading and surveillance services for cryptocurrency exchanges. Leveraging the platform, cryptocurrency exchanges can build scalable, resilient, and trusted markets based on globally recognized technology and infrastructure. Ten crypto marketplaces are currently leveraging Nasdaq’s marketplace technology, and we are experienced working with cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.

    The Marketplace Services Platform’s trading service for cryptocurrency exchanges is built from the ground up to serve mission-critical operations with the highest standards on security and availability through the most demanding market conditions.

    Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform offers open APIs facilitating integration with third party software.

    Nasdaq’s cryptocurrency exchange technology is a reliable and scalable SaaS platform with comprehensive functional coverage, high performance matching, and resilient operations. 

    Currently, most cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated. Since cryptocurrency markets are almost always on, it is critical that an automated surveillance solution is implemented to detect manipulative behaviors, protecting the exchange’s reputation.

    Nasdaq’s surveillance service provides cryptocurrency exchanges with a robust platform to detect potentially abusive trading behaviors. Sophisticated algorithms detect patterns of abuse, market manipulation and insider trading, enabling surveillance analysts to filter only events of interest. Nasdaq’s market surveillance technology provides 60+ pre-configured alerts as well as the ability for users to tailor alerting algorithms to create their own ad hoc alerts. 

    Nasdaq’s surveillance service provides full coverage for abusive behaviors, including layering, spoofing, pump & dump, wash trading/churning, insider trading, front running, and more. 

    In order to achieve institutionalization, cryptocurrency markets must prove they can meet the heightened requirements and due diligence inquiries of their investor base with ample technology, controls, and processes to protect investments. Two of the most critical areas to address are the operation of reliable and scalable infrastructure and maintaining orderly markets with the utmost market integrity.

    Real Estate Fractionalization

    The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform is a SaaS platform offering trading and surveillance services for marketplaces in a cloud environment.

    Built on top of the Nasdaq Financial Framework’s high-performance, low-latency foundation, the service-based platform provides access to functionally robust services covering the transaction lifecycle—from issuance of assets and trading through pre-trade risk management, market surveillance and efficient digital custody and settlement. 

    The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform works for a variety of marketplaces within different industries seamlessly. From startup organizations across unique and growing industries like Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Insurance, Healthcare, Carbon Credits & more, the Marketplace Services Platform provides trading and surveillance services for new and emerging markets.

    The Marketplace Services Platform provides trading and surveillance services. Set up a robust, scalable marketplace with support for multiple trading models and safeguard market integrity with efficient tools that detect and investigate market abuse.

    Due to the SaaS delivery model, the Marketplace Services Platform eases the technical burden on operations resources, simplifying IT management and decreasing capital expenditures. Frequent release cycles continuously enhance performance and functional depth, and consistent onboarding and support provides unified customer care across all services.

    The high cost to entry, exclusivity and accreditation requirements all inhibit access to the commercial real estate market. Large amounts of capital are typically required to build or invest in properties. In addition, traditional relationships and accreditation requirements prohibit investing from numerous retail participants.

    Creating a real estate marketplace lowers the barrier to entry by allowing retail and institutional investors to invest in commercial real estate. This also provides an additional source of liquidity for property builders and building owners.

    Fractionalized real estate shares allow investors to purchase pieces (shares) of a building or property. This provides retail investors with the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate without a large initial investment and provide property builders and owners with an additional source of liquidity.

    LEX is a commercial real-estate securities marketplace. LEX allows accredited and unaccredited investors to buy and sell shares of individual commercial real estate assets. Currently, LEX is leveraging the Marketplace Services Platform for trading and surveillance services.

    Sports and Gaming

    Anticipating surges in betting activity, and not losing fidelity or accuracy in recounting betting placement, is essential to maintaining a functioning and trustworthy betting system. Nasdaq technology helps you handle betting peaks, and offers forensic recounting of betting orders. Additionally, as part of our sweep surveillance capacities, our market surveillance technology helps root out and disrupt suspicious and potentially criminal activity.

    Nasdaq has an extremely robust anti-financial crime and fraud detection capabilities, which are functional with the Marketplace Services Platform. This means you will be able to target, hone in on, and disrupt potentially fraudulent activity with greater precision, and with higher accuracy in locating which alerts are potentially dangerous.

    Like other transactional exchanges or markets, sports and gaming requires fast, secure, and confidence-raising infrastructure to handle waves of betting, and to build trust in gaming outcomes. Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform gives these traditional Nasdaq market capabilities in the nimble, cloud-based format.

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