Portfolio Management Solutions for Limited Partners

support Limited Partners looking to rebalance their private equity holdings

This Solution Helps

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Investors

Why LPs Partner With Us

End-to-End Technology

LPs can leverage a streamlined process flow, including a data room with security features, document signature collection, and payment processing.

Competitive Price Discovery

Institutional secondary buyers participate in a competitive bidding process, enabling price discovery.

Ecosystem of Institutional Buyers

Nasdaq’s unique network of institutional buyers may reduce “counterparty risk” by locating buy-side capital while adhering to General Partners' (GPs) parameters.


As commitments to alternative investment funds continue to increase, access to liquidity has become even more important for Limited Partners (LPs) looking to rebalance their private equity holdings.

Nasdaq supports Limited Partners in addressing the eligibility and liquidity challenges of private equity through modern secondary technology, a comprehensive regulatory framework, and an ecosystem of institutional buyers.

LP-Led Solutions


What We Do for LPs

Nasdaq brings structure and efficiency to the liquidity process for private fund investors, layering in GP approval and price discovery. Limited Partners are increasingly turning to the secondary market to:

  • Rebalance Portfolios

    LPs can use the secondary market to re-align their portfolios, which is beneficial as allocations to private equity become overweighted during periods of falling securities prices in the public markets.

  • Recommit to Core Managers

    Through the secondary market, LPs can use the proceeds from sales of older vintage funds to commit to new fund raises.

  • Leverage Favorable Market Conditions

    With secondary fund managers seeking to deploy their dry powder, LPs can take advantage of the competitive landscape for fund secondaries and monetize their investments by selling to buyers who will pay par or above the favored funds.

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