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With over 100 probabilistic and scenario models spanning 10 perils and over 60 territories, Impact Forecasting empower insurers by providing risk insights for the peak risk zones around the globe, as well as for the emerging markets. This allows insurers to place effective (re)insurance programs and manage capital based on more accurate model results. Impact Forecasting partners with academic and industry organisations around the world to incorporate the latest research into all of their catastrophe models.

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Arabian Peninsula Earthquake: Impact Forecasting's Arabian Peninsula Earthquake model provides (re)insurers with a better understanding of how their portfolios will stand up after earthquakes of varying severity. The model makes use of state-of-the art research on regional seismic risk published in leading academic forums. Middle East Earthquake Available
Austria Flood: Impact Forecasting's flood models make a wealth of data available to clients in the (re)insurance industry, enabling them to better understand their exposure to flood events and make more informed portfolio decisions. Austria Flood Available soon
Canada Flood: Impact Forecasting's Canada Flood model offers (re)insurers a more complete view of risk in the region. The model assesses the potential levels of damage based on loss data from Impact Forecasting's seven other country-specific flood models and Canadian client claims information. Canada Flood Available soon
European Windstorm Europe Windstorm Available
Malaysia Flood: Impact Forecasting's Malaysia Flood model was developed to help (re)insurers underwrite and manage their exposures in Asia. The model has the ability to analyse portfolios with residential, commercial and industrial estate lines of business. Malaysia Flood Available
Switzerland Flood: Impact Forecasting's Switzerland Flood model calculates both probabilistic and historical loss estimates which helps (re)insurers better understand the risks they write. The new tool reflects both locally-sourced data and the latest developments in hydrology. Switzerland Flood Available
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Impact Forecasting, Aon’s catastrophe model development centre of excellence, enables firms to analyse the financial implications of catastrophic events and achieve a greater understanding of their risks.

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