Iceland Listing Review

determines if an applicant meets the requirements of the Nasdaq Iceland marketplace.

This Solution Helps

  • Public Companies
  • Private Companies
  • Marketplaces


When preparing for an admission to trading, the issuer and, if relevant, the selling party, will usually work actively with several advisors, both legal and financial, to prepare the issuer for an admission to trading and, if applicable, the offering and distribution of the relevant financial instruments.

Once certain preparations have been concluded the issuer will request to begin the procedure for admission to trading. The Surveillance department of the Exchange will perform a review of whether the issuer fulfills admission requirements in accordance with the rules of the Exchange and whether it has undertaken sufficient preparations to be able to assume the responsibilities of a listed company.

When the surveillance department has completed its review, a report is submitted to the Exchange’s internal listing committee. If the listing committee approves the issuer, an application can be made for admission to trading.

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