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Nasdaq is proud to partner with HANDLS ETFs on the creation of several market leading products. This page is dedicated to the HANDLS wholesaler team and designed to provide you with one comprehensive resource for all things related to the indexes you’re tracking.  We embrace the opportunities to work with your team to ensure your products are being seen by a variety of investors. If you need anything from our team, please use the email address in the 'support' section. We are here to assist!



Multi Asset

HANDLS Multi Asset ETF tracking Nasdaq Indexes

The NASDAQ 7HANDL™ Index (NQ7HANDLTL) seeks to produce 1.3x leveraged exposure to the daily return of the underlying Index, which is the NQ7HANDL Base Index, after accounting for financing costs associated with daily leveraged exposure.

AdditionalData NQ7HANDLTL

NQ7HANDLTL Methodology

Matthew Patterson- Co-Founder of HANDLS

#TradeTalks: Nasdaq 7 Handls Indexes

Aug 8, 2019

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