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Genium INET Upgrade to version 5.0.0235


This webpage will be updated continuously when new information for the Genium INET 5.0.0235 project is available. In addition to monitoring this web page, we strongly recommend you to subscribe to IT-Notices for the relevant markets.

Please note that there are changes to OMnet and FIX that may have impact depending on integration. Please always see summary of changes in the specifications to asses potential impact.

28 Oct Draft technical specifications available
21 Nov Front-end initial candidates available
21 Nov External Test 4 available
23 Jan Final technical specifications available
23 Jan Front-end final candidates available
18 Feb External Test 3 upgraded to 5.0.0235
20 Feb External Test 1 upgraded to 5.0.0235
7 Mar Upgrade to Genium INET version 5.0.0235
9 Mar First day of trading and clearing on 5.0.0235



OMNET HEADER File (draft)

  • .h file 5.0.0235 - To be published


  • - To be published


FIX Industry standard interface for order management and trade management


Equity Derivatives

Currently no impact


Fixed Income Derivatives

• Enhancements for SFTR

In order to facilitate clearing members reporting obligations under the EU Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) Nasdaq Clearing will introduce a new field enabling member to include the “Prior UTI” when reporting repos (buy/sell-backs) to the CCP.

If supplied by the clearing member the “Prior UTI” will then subsequently be included in the clearing members SFTR transaction report file generated by Nasdaq and supplied through Nasdaq’s clearing system.

The APIs used by Clearing members  to submit repo  transactions to the CCP is modified in order to allow for the ‘prior UTI’ to be stated.

Nasdaq API/Protocols

Adaption only required if Prior UTI is to be used

-New Trade report message introduced including Prior UTI information

-New Two-Sided Trade Report message introduced including Prior UTI information

Adaption only required if Prior UTI is to be used

-New fields added to Trade Capture Reports



Fixed Income Cash

Currently no impact




Currently no impact


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