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Nasdaq provides universal access to the financial markets together with unique investment insights to help investors build and preserve capital.

We are the leading source of market data, global indexes, and investment data and analytics. Powering price discovery and decisions around the globe, our market data is distributed to millions of people daily; $170 billion in assets track our indexes; $73 trillion in assets benefit from our investment insights and we are the leading alternative data provider.

Solutions for the Buy-Side

Nasdaq Solutions for the Buy-Side

Solutions for the Buy-Side - Accelerate opportunities with our partnership

Market Data and Feeds

Nasdaq Cloud Data Service

Access exchange data and other financial information through a suite of cloud APIs with Nasdaq Cloud Data Service.

Key Features

Nasdaq Data Multi-Asset Classes

Delivering accurate, comprehensive data feeds for multiple asset classes to help you gain a complete view of the markets

Nasdaq Equities Market Data

Powering trading and investment strategies for a full range of exchange-listed equities in the US, Nordics and Canada.

Fixed Income Market Data Reference Data Base

Coverage of the top global markets including interest rate derivatives, treasuries and bonds.

Nasdaq Commodities Data

Nasdaq Commodities Data grants access to a global suite of commodities data via one source.

Nasdaq Options and Futures Market Data

Nasdaq Options and Futures Market Data delivers real time & historical derivatives data from the top global markets.

Nasdaq Index Data

Current and historical index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq Global Indexes.

Investment Data and Analytics

Alternative Data

Focused on sourcing, evaluating and productizing undiscovered datasets to provide quantified, actionable intelligence

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Indexes

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright's index business provides innovative global solutions for investment professionals.

Key Features
  • Smart Beta Strategies
  • Relative Strength
  • Global

Fund Manager Selection

eVestment is a data, analytics and research platform serving the global institutional investment community.

Key Features
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Research

Nasdaq Fund Network

Increases Product Transparency with a Unique Symbol & NAV Distribution.

Key Features
  • Enhanced Discoverability
  • Greater Transparency
  • Amplified Reach

Cannabis Insights

A look into the legal Cannabis market

Key Features
  • Transparent
  • Trusted Data Source
  • Extensive Coverage

Global Indexes

Index Licensing and ETPs

Nasdaq Global Indexes is dedicated to designing powerful, relevant index and benchmark families

Nasdaq Smart Beta Indexes

Combining the benefits of passive investing and the advantages of active investing strategies.

Global Equity Indexes

This comprehensive family covers international securities segmented by geography, sector, and size.

U.S. Indexes | Complete View of U.S. Equities Market Data

Innovative indexes that track the most pivotal segments of the U.S. economy

European Indexes

Suite of Nordic and Baltic market indexes as well as comprehensive coverage of developed and emerging European markets

Commodity Indexes

The Nasdaq Commodity Index Family provides the broadest opportunity set in the commodities marketplace.

Nordic Fixed Income Market

Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income Indexes provide exposure to the Swedish debt market.

U.S. Fixed Income Market

Nasdaq LADDERRITE Index Family

Key Features
  • Exposure
  • Minimize Turnover
  • Proprietary Rebalancing Methodology

Asia-Pacific Index Coverage

More than 40 ETPs track Nasdaq Global Indexes throughout Asia

Key Features
  • Exposure
  • Expertise
  • Visibility

Index Data Entitlements

Data entitlements cover select index families, bundled packages at attractive rates.

Resources, Research and Education

A global team of analyts and economists working to deliver world-class research

Investor Relations

Equity Surveillance and Shareholder ID

Consultative expertise across different regions, sectors and market caps for institutional shareholder analysis

Key Features
  • Market analysis and competitive intelligence
  • Insights on institutional asset allocation
  • Proactive monitoring of shareholder activism

Investor Targeting

Leverage data & expertise to guide companies through different growth stages

Key Features
  • Evidence-based investor targeting
  • Capital allocation scenario analyses
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory

Perception Studies

Understand how your company is perceived by your shareholders and the market

Key Features
  • Access to proprietary intelligence
  • Capital markets brand resonance
  • Actionable insights and recommendations

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