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31% of global economic losses due to natural hazards are caused by flooding, with the ten costliest floods between 1980 and 2014 causing an estimated US$187 billion in overall losses. Accurately predicting global flood risk is therefore essential to our future.

Fathom was created by a team of world-leading scientists from the University of Bristol. Over the last decade the team has pioneered methods that have become the industry standard, with Fathom being recognized as a global authority in the field of modelling flood risk.

Fathom’s mission is to produce the most comprehensive and robust flood data, covering the whole planet. All of Fathom’s data and products are based on award-winning, cutting-edge research that has been independently peer reviewed and published in world-leading scientific journals. Fathom data is now used across multiple industries including re/insurance, corporate risk, international development and disaster response.


Understanding Your US Flood Exposure

Fathom-US is the only large-scale flood model to be validated via the peer-review process and published in world-leading journals. This award-winning science was undertaken in collaboration with Google. Fathom-US was validated against the entire Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard catalogue identifying that current FEMA data misses around three quarters of the total flood exposure nationwide (click here to read the article). For anybody seeking to understand US flood exposure Fathom-US provides the complete picture.

Fathom-US: The Fathom US Flood Model is based on 10m resolution hazard data. Working with researchers at the University of Bristol, Fathom's US model was compared to flood maps produced by FEMA and United States Geological Survey. The data attained a very high level of fit to FEMA flood maps, capturing over 86% of the flooded area specified. USA Flood On request

Hazard Maps

Flood Risk Mapping for the Entire Planet 

ModEx Fathom hazard map

Fathom's state-of-the-art flood hazard data make it easy for clients to assess their exposure, mitigate against risk and respond to extreme events anywhere. Fathom's flood hazard data has global coverage at 10 different return periods: 5, 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 year events. Data resolution varies by territory and is determined by the accuracy of available terrain data for each region.

ModEx Fathom highlighted map

The accuracy of Fathom's hazard data was demonstrated during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand where severe flooding spread through the provinces of northern, north eastern and central Thailand. Fathom's Global data prediction achieved a comparison hit rate of >85% with a Critical Success Index of 0.72 for this site. 

About Fathom

Fathom was formed in 2013 out of the University of Bristol Hydrology Research Group, a world leading authority in modelling flood risk. The company develops leading flood models and maps to transform cutting-edge research into accessible tools that can be used by anyone.

Fathom's core computational engine is based upon methods pioneered by the university's award winning LISFLOOD-FP model. As a research-led company, Fathom believes that academic scrutiny is fundamental to better science and better products.

Their methodology and products have been critically tested and refined through academic peer review over the past 15 years, and published in the leading international scientific journals.

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Licensing Fathom's Maps and Model

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