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A Paradigm Shift in Our Understanding of Flood Risk on a Global and National Scale

Fathom is a team of data-driven scientists who are shaping the future of flood-maps. Over the last decade, the team has developed methods that are now the industry standard, with Fathom being recognized as a global authority in the field of modelling flood risk.

Fathom’s mission is to produce the most comprehensive and robust flood data, covering the entire planet. Their data and products are based on award-winning, cutting-edge research that has been independently peer-reviewed and published in world-leading scientific journals. Fathom data is now used across multiple industries including re/insurance, corporate risk, international development and disaster response.




Comprehensive Flood Data and Modelling for the UK


Fathom's flood data is a combination of leading research and cutting-edge modelling techniques. It is the first catastrophe model available through Nasdaq to factor in the impact of climate change on current and future flood risk. Fathom-UK CAT builds on the methodologies and framework deployed in their global and US models. A key strength is the model’s representation of vulnerability functions; which enables users to accurately differentiate between different building types, for direct (e.g. structural and contents) and indirect (ALE and BI) damages. 

Fathom-UK CAT: Fathom’s probabilistic catastrophe model provides fluvial and pluvial perils at 30m resolution. Drawing upon the latest LiDAR data, the model has a catalogue of over 10,000 unique damage functions and represents 170,000 synthetic flood events spanning 10 millennia. This enables users to accurately calculate asset exposure and potential loss. Utilizing climate data from UKCP18, users can assess current and future flood risk for multiple time horizons. This includes the five policy scenarios outlined by the Bank of England's CBES exercise (Early action, Late action and No Additional Action for present-day, 2030 and 2050). UK Flood Available

Understanding Your US Flood Exposure

Fathom-US is a large-scale flood model that has been validated via the peer-review process and published in world-leading journals. This award-winning science was undertaken in collaboration with Google. Fathom-US was validated against the entire Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard catalogue identifying that current FEMA data misses around three quarters of the total flood exposure nationwide (click here to read the article). For anybody seeking to understand US flood exposure Fathom-US provides the complete picture.

Model Location Peril Status
Fathom-US CAT: This probabilistic catastrophe model predicts flood risk in the US. Simulated at 30m resolution, Fathom-US CAT has a catalogue of over 500,000 plausible flood events spanning over many thousands of years. Validated against flood maps produced by FEMA and the United States Geological Survey, the data attained a very high level of fit to FEMA flood maps. USA Flood Available

Data-driven Flood Mapping 

Fathom provides comprehensive flood hazard data at a global and national scale; helping customers predict risk for current and future climate states for several flood perils. The models have been stringently validated and peer-reviewed, offering data for 10 return periods ranging between 1:5 years and 1:1000 years, click here to learn more. 

Science and Academia

Science and academia are at the centre of everything that Fathom does. They are a team of dedicated experts within the flood-modelling industry, regularly contributing peer-reviewed papers to the most prestigious journals in the world, click here to explore a catalogue of their academic work.

Effectively Forecasting Flood Risk and Asset Exposure

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Accurately predicting global flood risk is therefore essential to our future. Fathom has a range of CAT models that enable customers to understand the impact of climate change on extreme weather events and flood risk. The models use a 10,000-year event catalogue simulating hundreds of thousands of plausible flood events. This allows users to accurately calculate asset exposure and potential losses, click here to learn more about Fathom's products.


Licensing Fathom's Maps and Model

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