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Reach markets through Genium INET Trading Workstation and Genium INET Web Trade, or through ISVs.

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Nasdaq is one of the world leaders in exchange technology and our technology powers more than 70 exchanges in 50 countries. The Nasdaq Commodities platform builds on the reliability and flexibility that have been key characteristics of Nasdaq technology. The markets can be reached through Nasdaq’s own trading platform, Genium INET Trading Workstation and Genium INET Web Trade, or through Independent Software Vendors providing third party software. 

The Nasdaq platform supports real-time trade processing so members can acquire direct access to trades as soon as they have been registered in the platform. 

For further information, please visit Genium INET information page.

For IT support or login assistance contact Nasdaq technical support +46 8 405 6550.

Genium INET front-end 

Risk Systems


CaeSaR is a user-friendly risk management system for commodity contracts. 

An easy-to-use portfolio system: 

  • A complete risk management system 
  • The only software available that can accurately predict the daily margin call as calculated by the clearinghouse 

Download CaeSaR product description

SPAN® Parameter File

Description of the SPAN® risk parameter file

The SPAN®[1] Risk Parameter file is downloaded from a source (ftp-server or similar).

The Nasdaq Commodities end of day SPAN® file is generated and distributed in the evening of each day being a trading day in any of Nasdaq Commodities' market.

Nasdaq Commodities has introduced the Intra-day SPAN® files from March 17th, 2014. For details regarding the Intra-day SPAN please contact Clearing Risk

The FTP Location Site: 

The SPAN® file has the following structure and location

The SPAN® files have the following name standard

  • Example EOD SPAN®: NSPANPAR_-001__-SE-_____-140407-001.txt
  • Example Intra-Day SPAN®: NSPANI___-001__-SE-_____-140407-015.txt


Full description of the SPAN® file:

[1]SPAN® is a registered trademark of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc., used herein under license. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. assumes no liability in connection with the use of SPAN® by any person or entity.

Position Reporting for the Commodities market

The documents below describes Position Reporting for the Commodities Market. 

Nasdaq Commodities Position Reporting 

Investment firm position reporting to trading venue - FCA schema with proposed extensions 

Nasdaq will use the standard FCA schema (updated December 14) for reporting positions to regulators. 

Venue Product Codes and Definition of Spot Month Updated December 14 

Venue Product Codes list Updated September 23, 2019

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