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Measure your portfolio's ESG impact

This Solution Helps

  • Asset Managers
  • Retail Investors
  • Banks & Brokers

Nasdaq has created an easy-to-implement interface measuring the global sustainability effect of a portfolio and individual securities. Through an intuitive dashboard, investors and managers have access to the real-life effects of each investment, along with alternatives that may better suit an individual’s sustainability goals.

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ESG Footprint Dashboard

Key Benefits

Actionable Insights

Provides reporting plus recommendations to drive ongoing strategies

Diverse, Global Data Sources

Uses a combination of Nasdaq proprietary raw ESG and machine-learning data covering 13k shares from 60 different global data sources

Attract Key Demographics

Encourages participation by millennial investors – a group eager to embrace sustainability measures as a whole

The Nasdaq ESG Footprint supports transparency around corporate sustainability efforts and provide critical ESG knowledge for investors that drives action
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Data from
Different Global Sources
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ESG Footprint
Reporting plus actionable insights to drive ongoing strategies
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Data from
Different Global Sources

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