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Nasdaq’s innovative marketplace technology, the Nasdaq Financial Framework, serves as the robust foundation for digital assets exchanges to build and expand their businesses, with the security, reliability and scalability needed to manage demands from institutional and retail investors, market participants and regulatory authorities.

Industry-leading Performance

Leverage globally-proven technology

Nasdaq matching technology powers trading at 70+ markets globally, benefit from our extensive knowledge of running marketplaces, as well as our robust and proven technology.

Comprehensive coverage

Offer trading anytime, anywhere with true 24x7x365 coverage. B2B and B2C support with various trading models available to best support your market.

Progressive capabilities

Supports real-time creation of new instruments, and configuration of models as your strategy evolves.

Blockchain integrated

Services the digital assets ecosystem with integrated blockchain solution.

Dynamic scaling

Modular cloud solution offering elasticity to easily scale up as your client base and transaction volumes grow, or you add more asset classes to your marketplace.

Flexible integration

Flexibility to integrate third-party or proprietary solutions across the transaction lifecycle to preserve your current infrastructure requirements and help future-proof your system configuration.

Nasdaq Market Surveillance, the essential toolkit to safeguard market integrity at digital assets exchanges.

Monitor, detect and investigate complex trading for potentially abusive behavior

Powerful visualization tools and sophisticated alerting simplify the monitoring process and provide clear guidance on where to focus an investigation, while correlations between real-time and historical data ensure early detection of market manipulation.

Manage regulatory risk upfront and protect your reputation

With full coverage for abusive behaviors, including layering, spoofing, pump & dump, wash trading/churning, insider trading, front running, and more, the solution enables you to get ahead of risk before it becomes problematic for your market.

Boost investor confidence and attract order flow

Robust market surveillance controls ensure your market operates with the utmost integrity, showing investors and participants alike that they can trust your market to be fair, orderly and transparent.

Strengthening Integrity in Digital Assets

TradeTalks: Crypto Market Surveillance

Jan 18, 2019

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