Catastrophe Model Evaluations

Maximizing business value from your catastrophe risk modelling


Catastrophe (cat) modelling has grown to become one of the largest budget items within the insurance and reinsurance industry. Not only are cat models traditionally costly to license, but there are also significant resource requirements associated with hosting and operating cat models. This, combined with the fact that the industry has until recently lacked a simple option for evaluating models prior to purchase, has made it prohibitively difficult for re/insurers to build a case internally for changing or adding models. But, as the frequency and severity of natural catastrophe changes, it is more important than ever that firms have a deep understanding of their cat risk.

Any business case to change or add models must present tangible benefits, and adopting new models requires a high level of confidence in the models prior to adoption. Part of the process of building confidence in a new model will come from understanding the model assumptions and performing model validations. Being able to easily test cat models prior to adoption is a critical step in building this confidence.


Maximizing business value from your cat risk modelling in 4 steps

  • Model evaluations

    Model evaluations or “trial periods” have the potential of improving benefit quantification since they provide firms with hands-on experience of how a new platform or model works, and the benefits they can deliver.

  • Trialling models in practice

    With Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes, re/insurance firms can access and trial a range of models free of charge without having to install any hardware or software.

  • Process

    The evaluation process is straightforward. After a model evaluation agreement has been completed, the evaluating firm is given access to the service via a secure web browser for global access. The firm can then login and evaluate and compare model(s) at its own convenience for a set period of time.

  • Benefits

    Model evaluations provide firms with the tools they need to make a sound business case for new model adoption, based on more accurate cost-benefit analysis.

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