If you have a board of directors, you should consider a board portal.

Board portals aren't just for public companies, every organization with a board can benefit from a board portal to implement best practice corporate governance. Foster leadership transparency, effectiveness, and communication with the help of board portal software.


There are many benefits for boards and leadership teams when it comes to onboarding a board portal solution.


  • Better Task Management Collaborate using notifications, annotations, unanimous consent votes, e-signatures, secure emails and other convenient features.
  • Sharing with Added Security Nasdaq Boardvantage is hosted in a hardened data center with added security for no third party access, it includes full strength encryption, multi-factor authentication and certificates.
  • More Efficient Meetings Designed with on-the-go executives in mind, Nasdaq Boardvantage is available on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Used on a daily basis for sharing sensitive documents, HR issues, financials, approvals for important initiatives and can be accessed via mobile device anywhere and anytime by the global leadership team.
Fortune 100 Global Consumer Company, Nasdaq Boardvantage Client

    Board portal software is useful for every company with a Board

    For Asset Managers

    Nasdaq Boardvantage offers a multi-board governance solution tailor made for asset managers and investment committees.

    Key Features
    • Standardize Governance
    • Streamline Compliance
    • Improve Collaboration

    For Higher Education

    Nasdaq Boardvantage helps educators and organizations drive better governance in higher education.

    Key Features
    • Streamline Coordination
    • Manage Sensitive Information
    • Communicate with Added Security

    For Hospitals & Health Systems

    Nasdaq Boardvantage for hospitals & health systems provides best practice governance for HIPAA compliance.

    Key Features
    • HIPAA Requirements
    • Secure Information Sharing
    • Collaborate & Review

    For Insurance

    Nasdaq Boardvantage helps public and private insurance companies with best practice corporate governance.

    Key Features
    • Meeting Management
    • Transparent Communication
    • Collaborative Decision Making

    For Law Firms

    Nasdaq Boardvantage provides secure collaboration and document sharing for better case management at law firms.

    Key Features
    • Manage Sensitive Information
    • Collaborate with Stakeholders
    • Efficient Meeting Management

    For Pre-IPO

    Nasdaq Boardvantage helps you govern like a public company even before your IPO.

    Key Features
    • Share Securely
    • Manage Meetings
    • Enhance Collaboration

    For Private Equity

    Nasdaq Boardvantage can meet the dynamic meeting, collaboration, and governance needs of private equity firms.

    Key Features
    • Streamlined Meeting Administration
    • Secure Document Sharing
    • Manage Portfolio Company Engagement

    For Sports & Entertainment

    Nasdaq Boardvantage is the board portal collaboration software that will help your organization go paperless.

    Key Features
    • Improve Meeting Productivity
    • Drive Process on the Go
    • Work Without Wi-Fi

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