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    Asset Owner Solutions / Investment Teams

    Make Data-Driven Portfolio Decisions

    Gain instant insight into what is driving your portfolio returns, model the impact of future decisions, and access the industry’s most comprehensive database of managers across all asset classes to source and benchmark the best managers for your portfolio. 

    For Investment Teams

    Reach Your Portfolio's Full Potential

    Ensuring the capital you have been entrusted to preserve and grow requires constant work. From understanding your portfolio, assessing risk, making new investment decisions, and communicating with stakeholders, our data and analytics help you execute on your plan: 

    Manage & Monitor Portfolios

    Provide a single source of truth for your teams with a consolidated view of your portfolio across all public and private asset classes.

    Source & Benchmark Managers

    Perform due diligence on your existing roster or prospective managers with over 30,000 long-only, hedge fund and private fund manager profiles.

    Gain Greater Insights into Private Investments

    Streamline quantitative due diligence for GPs with purpose-built track record analytics and benchmarking tools.

    Assess Portfolio Risk

    Assess portfolio risk across all asset classes with bottom-up multi-factor risk exposures, historical scenario analysis and market stress testing.

    Store & Share Research Documents

    Centralize your proprietary manager research notes and documents in one place to ensure intellectual property is shared throughout your organization to inform research and decision making.

    Plan Investment Strategy

    Inform your asset allocation and investment policy with access to independent data, research, and opinions from top consultants. Build, optimize and evaluate hypothetical or active portfolios with modeling, optimization, and simulation tools.

    Communicate with Stakeholders

    Real-time reports and performance tracking enables you to easily provide continual and customized communication on all aspects of your portfolio to your investment committee, trustees, or beneficiaries. 

    How We Support Chief Investment Officers

    Lean on Nasdaq's Capital Markets Expertise

    Nasdaq Asset Owner Solutions helps CIOs shape long-term allocation decisions, understand portfolio performance and exposure, and overcome the operational challenges of portfolio data being housed in disparate places across the institution. With a consolidated view of your entire portfolio and sophisticated modeling tools we enable CIOs to easily compare how various asset allocation mixes or capital market assumptions will help achieve their institution’s mandate.

    Client Success Story

    The Wallace Foundation Becomes Operationally Efficient with Nasdaq Asset Owner Solutions

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