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ARA's probabilistic hurricane hazard models have been the basis for coastal wind maps used by design professionals since 1998. The state-of-the-art US hurricane risk modelling software provides risk management decision assistance for the (re)insurance industry and other market participants such as property owners and brokers. ARA's engineering-based approach to vulnerability modelling is unique and accepted by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Prediction Methodology.

HurLoss: ARA's "HurLoss" US hurricane model provides unparalleled insight into the potential impact of a hurricane before it occurs, providing a deep understanding of the hurricane peril which enables clients to effectively manage the total cost of risk. USA Hurricane Available Yes
State-of-the-art US hurricane risk modelling software
HurLoss is ideal for firms that want a view of risk that is rooted in a deep understanding of surface-level hurricane winds and building performance.
Frank Lavelle, Vice President and HurLoss Product Manager, ARA
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ARA is an employee-owned company dedicated to producing innovative solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. ARA provides comprehensive risk assessment services and tools to maximize physical and electronic security, within the government and private industry.
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