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The Market Conduct Regulations are based on the Capital Market Law, with articles detailing the prohibition of market manipulation, insider trading, and liability for acts of others.

Overview: These regulations were issued by the Board of the Capital Markets Authority pursuant to its Resolution Number 1-11-2004 dated October 4, 2004. These regulations are based on the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree No. M/30 dated June 2, 2003, amended by Resolution of the Board of the Capital Market Authority Number 2-11-2021 dated January 25, 2021. 

Part 1: Preliminary Provisions

  • Article 1: Definitions  

Part 2: Prohibition of Market Manipulation

  • Article 2: Prohibition of manipulative and deceptive acts or practices
  • Article 3: Manipulative and deceptive acts or practices

Part 3: Insider Trading

  • Article 4: Disclosure of inside information and insider trading defined  
  • Article 5: Prohibition of disclosure of inside information  
  • Article 6: Prohibition of insider trading  

Part 4: Untrue Statements

  • Article 7: Prohibition of untrue statements
  • Article 8: Rumors
  • Article 9: Untrue statements defined
  • Article 10: Responsibility for untrue statements

Part 5: Capital Market Institutions' Conduct

  • Article 11: Conduct in case of market manipulation and insider trading by clients
  • Article 12: Clients priority
  • Article 13: Timely execution
  • Article 14: Best execution
  • Article 15: Timely allocation
  • Article 16: Churning
  • Article 17: Aggregation of client orders
  • Article 18: Dealing ahead of research
  • Article 19: Prohibition of dealing contrary to a recommendation

Part 6: Liability for Acts of Others

  • Article 20: Liability for acts of others

Part 7: Publication and Entry into Force

  • Article 21: Publication and entry into force

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