A global specialist in flood modelling.

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Ambiental produces global flood maps, data sets, catastrophe models, forecasting products and environmental reports to support better decision-making around flood risk management. Their clients range from the World Bank, (re)insurance companies, insurance brokers, utilities companies, and multinational businesses to property developers and home owners.

Australia FloodCat: The Ambiental Australia flood model (FloodCat) is a probabilistic river flood loss model covering the entirety of Australia. The model considers stochastic events and historic event footprints, vulnerability functions and exposure to calculate estimated losses from fluvial flooding at a postcode and property level. It is the first and most detailed property level flood model for Australia providing (re)insurers with an unprecedented view of risk. Australia Flood Available

About Ambiental

Ambiental Risk Analytics combines advanced flood modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and razor-sharp intellectual skills to give organisations the critical insight they need into flooding and flood risk.

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