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Sourcing, evaluating and productizing undiscovered datasets to provide quantified, actionable intelligence


In 2018, Nasdaq acquired Quandl, the premier source for financial, economic, and alternative datasets serving investment professionals. Quandl’s platform services more than 400,000 individuals, including analysts from the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks. Together, we aim to provide the investing community easy access to ever-evolving insights and datasets.

Quandl delivers market data from hundreds of sources via API, or directly into Python, R, Excel and many other tools. Save time and money by getting the data you need in the format you want.

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Nasdaq Data Sets Currently Available on Quandl

Access key data sets via API within hours - sample data is available for all Nasdaq databases.

Cannabis Market Insights Report

Nasdaq has partnered with Cannabis Benchmarks (CB), a division of New Lead Data Services, to bring transparency and education to the cannabis investing community. Cannabis Market Insights is a monthly report on the legal cannabis industry in Canada and the U.S.

Cannabis Market Insights covers the legal cannabis industry in Canada and the U.S. from a variety of lenses: the commodity, equity, and ETF spaces. The report also includes historical snapshots and commentary of various indicators to provide in-depth industry analysis.

Key Barometers

  • Commodity: Cannabis Benchmarks® Wholesale Cannabis Price Paid by the Distributor (CBMKCCSI in USD), tracking the Canadian cannabis spot price
  • Equity: Nasdaq Yewno North America Cannabis Economy Index (NQNACE)
  • ETFs: Two cannabis-focused ETFs


In-depth Industry Analysis

  • Supply-demand balance for medical and non-medical cannabis in Canada
  • Consumption of medical and non-medical cannabis in Canada
  • Current and projected number of stores and sales by Canadian province
  • Import-export analysis in Canada
  • Best and worst cannabis stock performers
  • Cannabis ETF fund flows and short interest
  • Performance and volatility of some key barometers
  • Correlation of some key barometers, notably comparing cannabis equity and commodity indexes


Visit the Quandl site to request sample data or visit

Nasdaq Cloud Data Service

Now you can access Nasdaq's core real-time and historical data sets via Cloud API!
Scalability and flexibility allow us to expand this offering based on client demand.
The following feeds are currently available:

  • Nasdaq Basic & Nasdaq Last Sale - An alternative to Level 1 data, providing Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) and top of book quotations (Nasdaq Basic).
  • Nasdaq Basic Canada - The accurate, cost-effective alternative for Level 1 Canadian equities data
  • Nasdaq TotalView - The standard Nasdaq data feed for serious traders - TotalView displays the full order book depth for Nasdaq market participants.
  • Global Index Data Service - Real-time and historical Index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq & other Global Indexes.
  • Nasdaq Fund Network - Daily performance, NAV, valuation, and strategy-level reference data, such as fund asset focus, sector focus and expenses, for over 35,000 global investable products.
  • Nasdaq Smart Options - The Nasdaq Smart Options data feed is designed to provide a cost-efficient, low-bandwidth alternative to the full Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) data feed while still delivering the necessary dataset that firms require for options trading.
  • Historical Data - Consolidated end-of-day data from all major U.S. Exchanges.
  • Financial News - Nasdaq partnered with MT Newswires to deliver unbiased, real-time financials news via the Cloud API.

Visit Quandl to access the APIs or to request sample data.

TrackInsight Global View (ETF Analytics)

Nasdaq is excited to be selected as the exclusive North American distributor for TrackInsight, a leading global independent ETF analytics platform.
TrackInsight provides analytics on more than 6,000 ETFs globally.

The TrackInsight Global View feed provides a comprehensive source of daily global ETF inflows and is used by firms such as hedge funds, portfolio managers, research institutions and fund promoters. This offering broadens Nasdaq’s commitment to making markets more accessible through transparent and cost-effective data.

Metrics include:

• Verified ETF reference data

• ESG Transparency

• Style Exposure

• Liquidity

• Performance

• Risk and replication accuracy analysis, and more.

Visit to learn more or to request a free trial of the data.


Nordic ESG Metrics

The Nordic ESG Metrics data feed provides users with standardized environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance metrics for Nasdaq Nordic listed firms.

Visit Quandl to download a sample report.

Actionable Intelligence

Quandl selects, prepares, researches and delivers unique, high-quality, alpha-generating data.

  • Market Data

    Comprehensive pricing data spanning multiple assets and countries

  • Core Financial Data

    Essential financial data, from SEC filings to analyst estimates

  • Economic Data

    Quantitative measurements of the entire global economy

  • Alternative Data

    Predictive data from non-traditional source

  • Derived Data

    Insights gleaned from analyzing one or more raw datasets

  • Monetize Your Data

    Quandl offers the expertise, the technology and the reach to transform your data assets into a recurring revenue stream.

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