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A company's future balances on how a board handles meetings, cyber risk, and communication.


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What is a Board Portal?

A board portal is a secure platform designed specifically to enhance the effectiveness of meetings, collaboration and decision-making for boards, committees and senior leadership teams. Today, these teams can operate entirely paperless and board portals have been established as a must-have for corporate governance.


Board portal technology has been beneficial to running not only more effective meetings, but making the process for preparing and getting to the meeting day much easier.
Tom Anderson, VP, Chief Legal and Secretary, GuideWell Source

Nasdaq Knows Best Practice Corporate Governance

Nasdaq understands the work of boards and executives, which is why Nasdaq Board Portal solutions are designed to make every aspect of board meetings and collaboration among directors and leadership teams simpler and easier to manage. Nasdaq Boardvantage® and Directors Desk® board portals lead the market in delivering paperless process for board and leadership team communication and corporate engagement.

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Why consider a board portal

Paperless Board Rooms

Outdated paper processes struggle to keep up with the pace of today. Boardbooks are difficult to update and subject to loss; faxes are unreliable and present security issues.

Improve Executive Visibility

Board portals give directors and leadership teams greater visibility, streamline the boardbook creation process, and tighten information security.

Remote Access to Materials

Business leaders and executives are on the go, and they need software that allows them to access important secure information and documents from anywhere at anytime.

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What to Look For

Five Requirements of an Efficient Board Portal Platform

  • A Better-Than-Paper Experience

    Though paper may be inefficient, it has the advantage of giving boards control over who sees what and when they see it. When you replace this process with a board portal, the technology needs to have the equivalent ability to differentiate access between various users (this is called “content segregation”).

  • Two-Way Communication

    For years, the board portal was a one-way communication tool used between the corporate secretary and the directors. Now portals are shifting to two-way interactive capabilities that can improve decision making by providing greater efficiency and allowing directors to focus on the substantive issues rather than minutiae.

  • Online-Offline Syncing

    Board portal technology uses an electronic “briefcase” (an encrypted folder designed for storing sensitive documents and personal notes) to give directors mobile access to materials even when they’re offline. Information in the briefcase is automatically synced when Wi-Fi is restored. It lets the corporate secretary push new materials directly to the directors’ devices (usually an iPad) to ensure that they have the latest information.

  • Protection Against Discoverability

    Making the boardbook accessible on a director’s iPad creates potential legal exposure if the director forgets to purge the information at the end of the quarter. To eliminate this risk, the board portal system must have centralized control so that downloaded content and directors’ notes can be purged remotely by the person assigned this role.

  • Engaging Visuals

    When you change a long-standing process, you have to offer an incentive. The board portal user experience needs to be more intuitive and engaging for directors than the paper boardbook, taking maximum advantage of the rich graphics and animation capability of the iPad.

Using Nasdaq Board Portal Solution
Public, private, and non-profit organizations worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500 trust Nasdaq Boardvantage®
(as of January 2019).
Nasdaq Boardvantage Interface
A paperless boardroom for effective corporate engagement
Nasdaq Boardvantage is the next generation governance and collaboration platform, built to meet the needs of today’s governance professionals. Learn how Nasdaq Boardvantage helps make all board processes paperless and reduces meeting preparation from hours to minutes.
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Using Nasdaq Board Portal Solution
Public, private, and non-profit organizations worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500 trust Nasdaq Boardvantage®
(as of January 2019).

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