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As most savvy investors know, a company’s annual report is one of the most important company research tools available. As a NASDAQ.com visitor, these annual reports are available free of charge to provide a solid background for our educated investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?
Just click over to the Annual Reports Service, fill out a short form and your reports will be on the way. All annual company reports are guaranteed to be in stock and are processed and shipped to your door on the next business day after your order.

You can also find links to company annual reports for participating companies elsewhere on NASDAQ.com. For example, if you use our popular FlashQuotes page to view stock quotes, look for "Annual Reports" in the left navigation. The links will take you directly to the order form for that company’s annual report.


Why is the Annual Reports Service Free?
The free Annual Reports Service is sponsored by the many companies who participate in the service and wish to provide the investing public with important company insights and improve their visibility and transparency.

Who provides the free Annual Reports?
The Annual Reports Service is provided by PrecisionIR, a trusted annual report provider for NASDAQ.com. PrecisionIR’s service provides you with quick access to annual reports and other information on select companies.

What’s included in an Annual Report?
We provide interim reports, annual reports, research reports, and various other corporation financial reports.

How often is this service updated?
As implied in the name, annual reports for each company are put out once a year, but new companies are added to our free service weekly. In addition, you can be notified when new annual reports or other company financial reports become available.

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