Walter Inu to Introduce Meme World, A One-Stop Resource for all Meme Coins


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Walter Inu ($WINU), a community-driven meme coin, aims to revolutionize the memecoin space with a revenue sharing platform for holders referred to as “Meme World”. The Walter Inu team wants to provide a place for up-and-coming meme coins to gain exposure quickly in a very fast-paced market.

Walter Inu was inspired by dogelore's bull terrier meme. Through its memes, the project's main purpose is to disseminate limitless optimism and amusement over the internet. Because of the wonderful nature of the bull terrier dog breed, Walter Inu as a community believes that its memes are the funniest in the game. Walter is more than simply a collection of cryptocurrency investors; Walter is a Web3 movement.


Meme World will serve as a central hub for all meme coin communities. According to Walter Inu, this is the CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko of meme coins. Price tracking, new listings, articles, merchandise, memes, and other features will be available on the platform. All revenue generated by new tokens listed and promoted sections will be distributed in BNB or BUSD to holders of $WINU. Meme World will be launched with complete features in the coming days.

P2E Game and NFTs

World Of Walters is a P2E game of Walter Inu's environment. To benefit from playing, a player must own one of the 100 Walter NFTs. There are 3 tiers of NFTs (Common, Rare, and Legendary), and the perks of the gameplay (in BNB) differ based on which one the user owns. Walter will be the primary character in the game, progressing through stages to battle and conquer other memecoin dogs such as Doge, Shiba, etc.

Walter Inu’s first set of 100 NFTs was just released and all were minted in just a few days. The only way to attain these NFTs now is through the marketplace at


Walterland is the first dApp, which displays many neat features. It includes a Cross Chain Bridge, Swap, Portfolio Tracker, Rug Checker, Watchlist, Multi Chart, and the ability to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. The cross-chain bridge enables investors to buy Walter Inu from other blockchains such as Ethereum, Matic, Avalanche, Solana, and others. This can be found at

Walter Inu Mascot

Walter Inu is the first meme coin with a real life community mascot dog. The community thought it would be a good idea to get this as a unique aspect of the token, and are getting to watch him grow from a puppy into a full grown dog. There is a section on the website linked to his Instagram page with photos and videos of the little guy himself, Walter.

Tokenomics and Taxation

Walter Inu's initial total supply was 100 billion $WINU, however it has since been reduced through several burns that can never be added back to the circulating supply. Every transaction is subject to a buy and sell tax of 5% and 11%, respectively. This tax is divided as follows: 1% goes to the LP, 1% goes to the holders, and 3/9% (Buy/Sell) goes to the marketing wallet. The idea for this taxation is to enhance the token's liquidity, which is crucial, to reward diamond hand-holders, and to provide enough revenue to the team to get Walter Inu known by the entire globe. The liquidity is now locked until April 20, 2069.


With ties to Dogecoin in the webcomics and video series known as “Dogelore” the bull terrier dog known as “Walter” gained lots of popularity on platforms such as Reddit & YouTube a few years back. This is what inspired the creation of Walter Inu. The team behind the token is a group of community members who took over leadership from the original developer. To see who the team is along with a short bio about each of the members, visit the Team section of the website.

Moreover, CZ, the founder of Binance, recently followed Walter Inu’s meme page and has liked and engaged with multiple tweets. This is a page run by one of the loyal community members of Walter Inu. The same page also got a quoted tweet from Kimbal Musk as well as Maye & Tosca (Elon & Kimbal’s Mother & Sister). Elon also liked the tweet that Kimbal quoted as well as the original tweet.

Further details about the coin, NFTs, Meme World and other utilities can be found on the project's social platforms and official website.

About Walter Inu

Walter Inu is a community-driven meme coin that has chosen the Bull Terrier dog breed as its brand face. The community is based on the sharing of humorous memes and is the first to have a community mascot dog. Walter Inu was launched on the Binance Smart Chain on December 21, 2021. As a generous effort to make Walter Inu investors feel more like family, the original developer handed over contract ownership to the community. The token's success thus far has demonstrated the tenacity of sincere believers.

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