UneeQ Digital Humans Take the Main Stage at COMPUTEX 2024


Austin, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - June 5, 2024) - UneeQ, a pioneer in digital human solutions, today announced at COMPUTEX 2024 a collaboration with NVIDIA to integrate UneeQ's cutting-edge digital human solutions with NVIDIA ACE, underscoring the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

UneeQ is forging a new frontier with proprietary technology that creates digital humans with more lifelike capabilities and delivers more accurate information. In March, UneeQ announced its work with NVIDIA on next-generation digital human animation, combining UneeQ's Synanimâ„¢ AI animation solution with NVIDIA ACE. UneeQ also deploys its Synapseâ„¢ platform that automatically and effortlessly orchestrates human behavior and intelligence such as voice, language, dialect, pronunciation, emotion, memory, and knowledge as well as large language models, company data, and trusted sources of information to improve brand safety and prevent hallucinations - in hours.

Gartner predicts that the digital human market is worth $125 billion, far surpassing the chatbot market of $5 billion, as users want more lifelike AI interfaces. Gartner says that 50% of B2B buyers will interact with a digital human by 2026.

NVIDIA ACE is a suite of technologies designed to bring digital humans, AI non-player characters (NPCs), and interactive avatars to life.

At this year's COMPUTEX, NVIDIA announced the latest advancements in NVIDIA ACE, featuring the ecosystem of game developers, generative AI startups, and digital human solutions companies like UneeQ leveraging the technology to deliver next-level user experiences. NVIDIA ACE NIM microservices are now generally available. These are highly performant microservices optimized to run seamlessly in the cloud, on-premises, or on NVIDIA RTX AI PCs, providing an easy-to-deploy solution. UneeQ has fully integrated the ACE Audio2Face microservice, which generates realistic facial animations from pre-recorded or live audio tracks, enhancing the authenticity and engagement of digital interactions. "We are incredibly proud to be a part of NVIDIA's journey in bringing cutting-edge digital human technology to life," says Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ. "UneeQ is collaborating with NVIDIA to achieve the highest quality of aliveness, helping set a new standard for the future of interactive experiences," Tomsett added.

During the NVIDIA keynote, attendees witnessed first-hand the capabilities of UneeQ's digital human solutions combined with NVIDIA ACE technologies, demonstrating a significant step toward a future where digital humans are an integral part of everyday interactions, enhancing user experiences across various industries.

ABOUT UNEEQ: UneeQ is a global leader in digital human technology, providing lifelike and emotionally-intelligent AI-powered virtual beings for businesses seeking to elevate customer experiences. UneeQ's customers include Qatar Airways and Deutsche Telekom. UneeQ's platform enables organizations to create highly personalized interactions that drive engagement, foster trust and deliver exceptional value.

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