The World's First Dao-Based Charity NFT Marketplace Maxity Launches, Attracts Worldwide Attention


London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - April 4, 2022) - The crypto space recently celebrated one of the biggest milestones of the year so far on 31 March 2022 when held a hybrid platform launch ceremony with the theme of "NFT Empowers Charity in the Future". Launching the blockchain application prospects for digital assets and charities, the roundtable meeting on the topic was attended by dignitaries such as former British shadow cabinet ministers, international organizations including the United Nations Population Fund, scholars from Oxford University, funding partners such as KKR, and experts in the cryptocurrency and NFT industries.

Yu Xiong, director of Maxity and a professor at the University of Surrey, said in his opening speech, "The Maxity platform was founded in London, UK with operations in San Francisco, USA. With an integrated ecosystem of Web3.0 underlying technologies, Maxity is committed to assisting charities and individuals to transform their stories into NFTs. This involves creating, publishing, trading NFTs and raising funds for the causes they support, improving our society and allowing our world to prosper."

The invention of blockchain theory dates back 14 years with Satoshi Nakamoto publication "Bitcoin Whitepaper", leading to three cycles of crypto bull market and great investment opportunities, attracting more than 300 million users. Meanwhile, issues such as ponzi schemes, money laundering and energy waste all provoke conflict, restrictions, and over-regulation of cryptocurrencies. This is why Maxity's vision is to promote the concept of "blockchain for good", using blockchain technology to connect people to the charitable causes they support, raising funds for charities and individuals, promoting the paradigm leap of the blockchain industry and becoming the cornerstone of the fourth technological revolution.

Former British Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, the Labour Party, also delivered a speech at the venue. "Maxity has developed an impressive new fundraising method for charities, which can benefit both charities and business platforms. Many charities are currently under pressure, especially now at the time of pandemic. The new NFT donation method will be a good opportunity for Maxity to show the public the effective integration of blockchain technology and charity."

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On the status quo of global charities, Natasha Ryan, Partnerships Lead at Maxity and a former member of UNICEF, said with global annual fundraising of more than $1T, and exceeding 500M participating members in charitable activities every year, more than 260,000 charities still encounter fundraising problems. Faced with global problems such as hunger, the need for environmental protection, spread of diseases, resource shortages, refugees, and the need for protection of women and children, funding and resource constraints put charities in a difficult predicament. Maxity encourages charities and individuals to artistically present their difficulties via NFTs, fundraising through the release and sale of digital tokens, and building inclusive communities of shared kindness and empathy. Natasha also announced a recruitment plan for 500 NGO ambassadors worldwide, asking everyone in the field of philanthropy to participate in this cause.

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In addition, Justin Kairys, head of development at Maxity, introduced the platform architecture, technical advantages, the development roadmap, the tokenomics model and five-year development plan of Maxity to the participating guests. In the future, creators, charities, contributors, and communities will be provided ownership and voting rights, making Maxity's governance fully decentralised. Maxity is determined to become the top NFT trading platform and raise more than US$1 billion for global charities within 5 years.

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So far, world-renowned non-profit organizations such as the DongGuan Disabled People Association, LetsLocalise, Penny Appeal, Kelab Kebajikan Raisu, Turbo Ghana, Helpers Foundation School, SBF Ghana, Tikki Hywood Foundation, FWEF, Ocean World Empowerment Foundation, Growing The Girl Child Initiative, Ogadagidi Global Empowerment Initiative, Rescue Wing Gender Empowerment, E.D.E.R, Raha Charity Foundation, IMAGO DEI Charity Initiative, Adopt A Widow Foundation, Ogadagidi Global Empowerment Initiative, Society The Improvement of Rural People (in no particular order) have all partnered with and are successfully raising funds from NFTs selling, 98% of which is contributed to the charity itself. The flow of donations can be traced throughout. This data on donations, guaranteed by the "immutable" feature of blockchain technology, enhances transparency and trust.

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It's not hard to imagine a future with NFTs becoming more popular, increasing in sales, and leading to more fundraising opportunities. As the world enters a new digital era powered by blockchain, it is clear that NFTs are helping to redefine the "art" of fundraising. The ultimate goal for Maxity is not to make entrepreneurs rich, but to do things that improve the real world.

With the official launch of, many industry insiders expressed high hopes for the integration of and charities. It is believed that in the future, will uphold its original intention, deepen the convergence of technology and charity.

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