Tego Cyber Commercially Launches Tego Threat Intelligence Feed: Tego Ti


LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2024 / Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB:TGCB), a cybersecurity company focused on developing innovative cyber threat intelligence and autonomous correlation and threat detection tools, today announced that it has commercially launched Tego Threat Intelligence (Tego TI), a new service that provides organizations with real time cyber threat intelligence.

Tego TI compiles cyber threat intelligence from sources globally then analyzes, and enriches this data to deliver relevant, actionable intelligence to Security Operation Centers (SOCs), providing additional tools to predict and protect against current and future attacks. Actionable intelligence is the cornerstone of any cybersecurity strategy. It provides the underlying data that SOC teams need to detect suspicious activities and anomalies that could indicate an imminent breach. By leveraging the high fidelity and highly contextualized threat intelligence provided by Tego TI, SOC teams can fortify their defenses, stay one step ahead of threat actors and protect their assets.

"During the commercialization of our cyber threat detection application, we discovered that there is an overwhelming demand for actionable cyber threat intelligence," stated Robert Mikkelsen, CEO & CFO of Tego Cyber Inc. "To capitalize on this, we developed, then commercially launched Tego TI. Initial interest has been very strong, and we believe that this new product has the potential to generate substantial revenue in both the short and long term," continued Mr. Mikkelsen.

"In addition to providing invaluable intelligence to end users, Tego TI is proving to add value to other cybersecurity software solutions," added Shannon Wilkinson, President and CTO. "Licensing Tego TI for other SAAS solutions gives us the opportunity to scale more rapidly, driving additional value to more users, while adding value to the shareholders. We launched our first licensing agreement in March."

Tego TI is currently available through all Tego sales channels and the Company is excited about the licensing potential.

About Tego Threat Intelligence

Discover What's Lurking - Threat intelligence is the key to uncovering the lurking dangers within your network. By harnessing a wealth of external information, such as IOCs, TTPs, and dark web monitoring, Tego's threat intelligence enables organizations to proactively identify threats they may not know exist. It empowers you to compare your data with known malicious indicators, uncovering hidden malware, compromised systems, and connections to malevolent entities. With a comprehensive understanding of the evolving threat landscape, Tego's threat intelligence enables early detection of suspicious activities and anomalies that could indicate an imminent breach. By leveraging this knowledge, you can fortify your defenses, stay one step ahead of adversaries, and protect your organization from lurking threats.

The Tego Difference for Threat Intelligence - The secret to Tego's vetted and curated Threat Intelligence has been taking the approach of quality in, quality out. Tego focuses on providing high fidelity and highly contextualized threat intelligence. Tego's applies constant enrichment and the aging of threat intelligence in addition to time-boxing the threats to when they were actually in use by threat actors. Rather than focusing on providing billions of IOCs which generate a massive amount of noise for SecOps teams, Tego focuses a smaller sub-set of verified threats, ensuring that the alerts are high-fidelity and actionable. Tego does not just provide an alert on the IOC, Tego also provides the context needed by the SecOps team to know what kind of threat they are facing.

About Tego Cyber Inc.

Tego Cyber Inc. was founded to mitigate the disparity in the rapidly evolving cyber threat detection, correlation, and threat intelligence market. The Company is focused on developing solutions for threat intelligence and autonomous threat detection and correlation. Tego's curated threat intelligence feed not only contains a comprehensive list of indicators of compromise, but also provides additional context including specific details needed to counteract threats so that security teams can spend less time searching for disjointed indicators of compromise. Tego's threat correlation engine integrates with top security and data lake platforms to proactively identify threats. The Tego threat correlation engine allows security teams to find threats faster using curated data feeds, powerful and low latency searches across large disparate data sets, and user-friendly visualizations that help reduce the time to detection and response. For more information, please visit https://tegocyber.com.

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