Stankevicius Will Release Social Media Metaverse for Crypto Natives in Summer 2022


New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - April 6, 2022) - Stankevicius X, sub-media division of Stankevicius MGM - public relations consulting company, is currently developing a new metaverse environment for Web3; a new social network oriented and focused precisely for crypto natives and digital communities.

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The company has been keeping an eye on the crypto industry since 2016; working with blockchain clients, arranging public relations and investor relations campaigns for over 300 crypto clients, and helping them to raise over $500M in funding till this date.

Stankevicius has worked in the media industry since 2014 and is now finally entering a next phase of business innovation; taking a step forward from the consulting side into a new emerging technology nowadays called the Metaverse.

Metaverse is known to be a 3D digital world which interacts with the real world through leisure, business, entertainment and most importantly financial principles. Many businesses, institutional and retail investors as well as consumers are very excited about the coming years especially 2022 and 2023 for new releases of the Metaverse including industry leading tech giants.

Stankevicius wants to disrupt social media with the Metaverse

Social media giants have been losing engagement and attractiveness in the recent years within the existing platforms. According to market research by Stankevicius Group, regular users want more significant and genuine interaction inside social media platforms. Additionally, regular standard content publishing and sharing has become somehow boring to the audience and new innovations are required in the market.

Stankevicius has been keeping a close look at emerging technologies such as Web3. Web3 is strongly oriented around cryptocurrencies and NFTs which makes the whole industry very interesting and attractive. Based on recent industry trend rise for NFTs in particular, Stankevicius sees a huge technological advancement within the social media industry. It has been over a decade since leading industry tech giants have been providing market dominant platforms for content sharing. According to Stankevicius, Web3 can create opportunities beyond imagination especially for the social media industry and provide market entry to new emerging technology companies.

Building interactive social media for Web3

Stankevicius' focus is to build the next generation social media world designed and developed for crypto and digital natives enabling 3D interactions between users and creating new ways of content sharing and exchanging. The ultimate vision is to connect people closer than ever before with enhanced solutions not only for content sharing but also transactional needs.

Stankevicius will be releasing Metaverse social media around summer 2022. For investor relations and partnerships contact

More information will be coming soon. In the meantime stay tuned on social channels. Follow @stankeviciusmgm on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Stankevicius

Stankevicius Group (Stankevicius MGM and Stankevicius X, Stankevicius International, and Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking) is a professional corporate consulting service provider with a primary focus on public relations and investor relations matters. Stankevicius MGM has worked with over 300 blockchain companies and arranged strategic media campaigns for capital raising. In early 2022, Stankevicius MGM launched a sub-media division, Stankevicius X, which is a separate division focusing mainly on media, advertising and Web3 only.

Later in Q2 2022 Stankevicius group will be also releasing, an alternative investment banking service for companies to go public in crypto and raise capital for private equity. Stankevicius Group has been in the business since 2014 and with vast experience in global markets and media sector, the group is now taking a new turn to dive deep and explore Web3.

Stankevicius as a company also invests in crypto projects and has already invested in leading top tier NFT projects, as well as cryptocurrencies. Stankevicius believes in the crypto system for the long run.

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