Smarty Partners with Uber on Address Intelligence for Global Services


PROVO, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Smarty, a preeminent provider of address data solutions, announced today its service partnership with Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER), providing accurate, real-time address data for the ride-sharing leader. Smarty's comprehensive address intelligence services will bolster Uber’s extensive address data capabilities across its global operations, encompassing ride-sharing, meal delivery and local courier services.

Jonathan Oliver, CEO of Smarty, said, "It’s evident Uber has the highest commitment to delivering delightful customer experiences and operational excellence. We’re pleased to supplement their data with Smarty’s comprehensive services.”

The journey towards redefining urban transportation for companies like Uber encompasses not only advancements but also the challenges of ensuring operational excellence.

Oliver emphasizes the critical nature of accurate address data in this equation. "In an era where time is of the essence, challenges arising from inadequate address data are more than just mere inconveniences. They have the potential to translate into substantial operational costs for companies like Uber and its drivers. Imprecise address data can cause increased mileage, escalated fuel consumption and drivers circulating in search of their customers. This not only inflates operational expenses but also detracts from the customer experience."

Oliver's insights shed light on the symbiotic relationship between data quality and service excellence, underscoring the indispensable role of precise address data in steering the future of urban transportation toward greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Smarty's commitment to excellence and innovation in address data intelligence is underscored by its recognition as a data quality leader in the field, with many other Fortune 500 industry giants among its clientele. This collaboration with Uber further cements Smarty's position as a pivotal player in enhancing business efficiencies and customer satisfaction through superior address data solutions.

About Smarty

Smarty delivers innovative location intelligence APIs that power enterprise-level address validation, autocomplete, geocoding and data enhancement for a global market across 240+ nations and territories. Renowned for processing vast quantities of address data (2+ billion per day) with precision, Smarty simplifies the complexities of location data management. Its comprehensive website tools, SDKs and clear documentation facilitate integration.

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