Smart Donation Coin Creates the First DAO of the Blogosphere


Kyiv, Ukraine--(Newsfile Corp. - April 5, 2022) - Recently, blockchain-based social network Smart Donation Coin has announced the creation of its DAO. The new organization will be the first decentralized community of content makers, subscribers, and crypto enthusiasts who will be able to directly influence the monetization of content in the blogosphere. 

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DeFi - the future for the blogosphere

Smart Donation Coin is the first SocialFi project that provides bloggers and their audience with an additional opportunity to earn money through blockchain technology. The decentralization principles lie not only in the 'technical basis' but also in its organizational structure - SDC.

Smart Donation Coin creates its own DAO, which unites a community of creators, subscribers, and crypto enthusiasts. Through a decentralized organization, the SDC community itself is directly involved in project management. Within one platform, all interested users can communicate, influence the development of the project, follow the content of their favorite creators and monetize their blog.

Also, Smart Donation Coin is a convenient service for donations and a developing NFT marketplace of exclusive NFTs that can be purchased with a native token of the SDC platform. All this makes the project interesting due to the prospect of integrating the blogosphere into the DeFi economy.

What is the SDC token used for?

The Smart Donation Coin platform works on principle of the SocialFi model, which is fundamentally close to decentralized finance, focused on a combination of social and financial achievements. Through donations in the SDC system, users monetize and tokenize their social impact without intermediaries. This allows users to immediately convert social activity into digital assets.

In the decentralized Smart Donation Coin system, the SDC token is the asset in which users convert their social activity. The main task of the token is to be a native medium of exchange within the platform.

In this sense, SDC is involved in the following operations:

  • payment by bloggers for advertising purchased through the service;
  • P2P donations to bloggers.

At the same time, SDC has a unique feature - the token is credited to all bloggers immediately upon verification of their account. The number of tokens accrued depends on the audience in a ratio of 1:10. For example, if a blogger has 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, then he or she will receive 1,000 SDC tokens.

The peculiarity of such a system is that tokens are credited in frozen form. This means that they cannot be used for transfers, but they can be stored. To unfreeze tokens, a blogger can perform simple advertising tasks. With each completed task, a predetermined amount of tokens will be unfrozen, which means that they can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency.

How can people invest in Smart Donation Coin?

To invest in Smart Donation Coin, it is enough to purchase a native token of the SDC platform, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. For more information, see the information below.

Today, SDC can be bought on PancakeSwap, and in the future - on other crypto exchanges. To track the market capitalization of SDC, its price, and daily trading volume, one can use CoinMarketCap.

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