Search Realty Announces Key Strategies to Help Realtors Thrive in Today's Housing Market


Mississauga, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 31, 2022) - Search Realty is announcing its real estate brokerage services helping to connect home buyers and sellers. This latest move creates and provides innovative solutions for Realtors. In line with this, Search Realty is encouraging Realtors to embrace technological advances in the sector and offer in-house guidance and assistance across various aspects of businesses. 

According to the company's senior officials, Search Realty is urging today's realtors to capitalize on the use of new-age location-based advertising. As a result, search Realty saves Realtors time and marketing dollars that would otherwise be spent training outdated print media and the traditional forms of advertising that don't have the ROI that digital marketing offers.

In April 2022, Canada's national home sales had decreased by 12.6% month-by-month. Similarly, the number of newly listed properties had fallen by 2.2%. Canada's housing market has not been immune to the rising inflation and mortgage rates.

Looking to address potential challenges, Search Realty's suite of services aims to ease the strain currently being felt by Realtors. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to simplify the lead generation process and provides on-demand support for realtors that may be unfamiliar with digitized methods of gaining leads. The leads are also guaranteed to be real and in your desired city across Canada. Search Realty also provides all the software and technology that a Realtor might need at no additional cost. In addition to this, the real estate brokerage company is giving Canadian realtors in-depth guidance for all areas of their business - from assisting with digital marketing to providing extensive training and educational resources.

Search Realty is optimistic about the future of Canada's housing market, despite the recent dip. For April 2022, the average home was valued at $750,000-reflecting a 7% increase. In addition, the MLS Benchmark Price increased by 27% year-over-year to almost $900,000. Search Realty provides Realtors with a clear path to success that cuts through the various complexities of today's market.

"What drives us at Search Realty is the ability to provide any real estate agent with the best possible chance to build a successful business-regardless of their financial situation, background, or the current reach of their network. We use technology to help realtors every step of the way, whether buying real estate, selling real estate, or securing low mortgage rates," concluded Sterling Wong.

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