Round Rock Independent School District Police Department Deploys Oracle Public Safety Suite to Enhance Incident Response Capabilities


Police Department uses real-time data insights to enhance information flow between officers and decision makers

AUSTIN, Texas, March 21, 2024  /PRNewswire/ -- Round Rock Independent School District Police Department is using Oracle's Public Safety Suite to improve information access and communications across the 55 school campuses and over 47,000 students it supports. Previously, the department relied on contracted county dispatch services that did not meet its needs for real-time communication across the 110-square mile school district. With Oracle's modern suite of purpose-built public safety hardware and software, the department now has the tools it needs to support its goal of creating a safe and equitable environment where the students have the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential.

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 As a new district-dedicated agency, the department wanted to completely rethink its approach to technology to create a more agile, responsive system that would support better data access and action by creating a seamless flow of information between dispatchers, officers, and decision makers. After a comprehensive review of options, Oracle was selected for providing a comprehensive suite of hardware and software that could meet these objectives.

"Oracle is leading the way with new technologies and capabilities in an industry that has been stagnant in its innovation and processes for far too long," said Dennis Weiner, chief of police, Round Rock Independent School District Police Department. "We found the Oracle Public Safety technology suite to be the most robust solution for school safety and for law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness. As an early adopter, we have had the opportunity to work closely with Oracle to provide feedback that will not only benefit us, but other departments. This suite is a paradigm shift in how information flows more effectively through police departments when every second counts."

Seamless communications with unified applicationsRound Rock Independent School District Police Department went live with Oracle Public Safety Suite in September. Using the suite's connected applications including Dispatch Command Center, Personal Communication System, Vehicle Communication System, and Records Management System, officers are now able to move seamlessly between locations and devices, such as going from a mobile phone to a tablet in the squad car, while continuing to send and receive information without disruption. The communications systems activate upon dispatch and record relevant data and interactions between the peace officers, students, and staff to support transparency, trust, and accountability. All this information is then automatically pulled into a case report which officers can review and update – saving them hours of paperwork daily and enabling them to spend more time out in the field. And as the system consolidates, analyzes, and organizes data on a single secure platform, the suite enables the department to provide a higher level of responsiveness and transparency in addressing community concerns through a constant and coordinated flow of information.

The suite also aids in the department's ability to connect to the State of Texas' National Incident Reporting System and ultimately to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to submit crime incident reports, as needed.

"Oracle is on a mission to make work safer and more efficient for first responders and those they care for," said Steve Seoane, general manager, Oracle Public Safety. "There is no time to waste in responding to critical school incidents. Our collaboration with Round Rock Independent School District Police Department has allowed us to tailor our technology to address not only their needs, but the requirements of law enforcement agencies across a variety of disciplines."

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