Rose Sanders Law Firm Expanding Beyond Texas to Help with Personal Defamation Cases


Houston, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - May 5, 2022) - The Rose Sanders Law Firm, founded by personal injury trial lawyers Erica Rose and Charles Sanders, has announced it is working to open offices in New York and Atlanta. With established locations in Dallas, Houston, and McAllen, the firm is expanding to better serve its growing number of clients countrywide who are seeking the assistance of its social media defamation services.

The development comes as the number of social media defamation cases is increasing. While the reasons for this are complex, one factor lies with COVID: the shift to more people working at home because of the pandemic has resulted in more individuals being online. That, in turn, has led to more users of social media, which can cause a person to feel confident about making statements online that they would not ordinarily say face-to-face.

"We regularly hear from our clients that they have been defamed online," says Rose Sanders Law Firm. "It is concerning because everyone has the right to privacy, and when that privacy is violated, it can threaten their career. We also receive calls from people who have been accused of defamation and who don't know their rights in this situation."

Rose Sanders Law Firm states that the concern over defamation is even more prevalent in the entertainment industry, where the reputation of a person may be crucial to their potential success. "Many of the calls we are receiving are from influencers, actors, artists, and musicians; consequently, we are planning to open offices in New York and Atlanta so that we can potentially help more clients address their situations."

While the firm largely works with adults who have been defamed or accused of defamation, it has initiated a secondary school program designed to help students to better understand the consequences of what they post online.

"Rose has begun going into Houston high schools to speak with teens about the reality that what they say on the Internet is public forever," Rose Sanders Law Firm says. "We want students to have strategies for protecting their privacy and to avoid succumbing to peer pressure, especially on social media. We plan to continue to go into schools in Houston, Galveston, and South Texas to help teens understand the importance of what they say online."

As Rose Sanders Law Firm grows beyond Texas, it offers advice for those who go online. "Whether you are using social media or commenting on a blog, think of yourself as sitting at a table with the president," the firm suggests. "Ask yourself this: would I say this to their face? If not, then we recommend that you don't say it online."

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